16 Sunflower Arrangement Ideas

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We’ve got wonderful Sunflower Arrangement Ideas that prove you can have fun with sunflowers in more ways than one!

Sunflowers are big, bold, and beautiful, which makes them one of the most popular and easily recognizable flowers. They make amazing gifts as well, but not just in the form of a bouquet. Find out with these Sunflower Arrangement Ideas!

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Sunflower Arrangement Ideas

1. Sunflower Bouquet

sunflower arrangement ideas 1

There’s nothing better than a lush sunflower bouquet in burlap or gift wrap. Don’t forget the bow.

2. Sunflowers in Vases and a Sunflower Wreath

sunflower arrangement ideas 2

You can have a whole sunflower arrangement in your home by creating a wreath for the wall and planting these in different things (vases, buckets, and boots).

3. Sunflower Kissing Balls

Sunflower Arrangement Ideas 3

Do you want to be greeted by these sunflower kissing balls whenever you enter your home? Here’s how to make them.

4. DIY Sunflower Christmas Tree

Sunflower Arrangement Ideas 4

Who knew you could make a Christmas tree with a bunch of sunflowers? Here’s the DIY.

5. Sunflower Vase for Entrance

Sunflower Arrangement Ideas 5

Grab an old vase or container and turn it into a focal point for the entryway by adding sunflowers. Simple, right?

6. Bicycle for Planting Sunflowers

Sunflower arrangement ideas 6

Why not upcycle an old bike and turn it into a lawn centerpiece for displaying sunflowers?

7. Raised Bed for Sunflowers

sunflower arrangement ideas 7

You can always grow sunflowers in wide containers or raised beds. But do so in dark ones; it brings out their colors.

8. Sunflower and Ageratum Arrangement

sunflower arrangement ideas 8

Do you know what one of the best colors is for sunflower garden beds? Purple. What you’re seeing are Flossflowers.

9. Sunflower Entrance Idea

sunflower arrangement ideas 9

Wouldn’t you love to be greeted by beautiful sunflowers every time you come home? We certainly would!

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10. Sunflower Pathway

sunflower arrangement ideas 10

They are not just for entrances; if you have a big farm or a large backyard, you could create a pathway lined with these.

11. Wide Planters

sunflower arrangements 1

A bunch of these wide planter arrangements filled with sunflowers would make any garden or yard feel pretty, don’t you think?

12. Monochrome Planter

sunflower arrangements 2

Any wide planter with a basic color shade would make a great one for growing sunflowers.

13. Whiskey Barrel Sunflower Arrangement

sunflower arrangements 3

Whiskey barrels make lovely and rustic containers for growing sunflowers. Plus, they make your garden look like it’s out of a movie.

14. A Sunflower Trio

sunflower arrangements 4

What’s better than a container filled with beautiful sunflowers? Three of these on the balcony or porch!

15. Sunflower and Zinnia Arrangement

sunflower arrangements 5

Zinnias make excellent companions for sunflowers as both plants have similar growth needs. Just get a massive container and get to planting.

16. Sunflower Wall Arrangement

sunflower arrangements 6

If you want to make your garden stand out with sunflowers, you should grow them near a wall. Go with Mammoth varieties.

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