19 Sweetest Watermelon Varieties + How to Pick the Sweetest Watermelon

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Explore the Sweetest Watermelon Varieties and also learn How to Pick the Sweetest Watermelon for the best harvest ever!

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties

Imagine biting into a slice so sweet; it’s like nature’s own candy—only juicier! Whether you’re a backyard gardener aiming for watermelon glory or a consumer on the hunt for the ultimate fruit indulgence, we’ve curated a list of the Sweetest Watermelon Varieties to give you nature’s best! What’s more! We have also included top tips on How to Pick the Sweetest Watermelon!

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Sweetest Watermelon Varieties

1. Crimson Sweet

Crimson Sweet watermelons are one Sweetest Watermelon Varieties. These melons are known for their high sugar content, crisp texture, and refreshing taste.

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2. Allsweet

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties 2

This cultivar is known for producing large oblong watermelons weighing 25-30 pounds. It is also called ‘All Sweet’ and is an open-pollinated variety.

3. Georgia Rattlesnake

It is one of the Sweetest Watermelon Varieties, with large, oblong fruits with light green skin adorned with dark green stripes reminiscent of a rattlesnake’s skin.

4. Charleston Gray

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties 4

The ‘Charleston Gray’ watermelon is a notable heirloom variety known for its large cylindrical fruit with uniform greenish-gray skin.

5. Bush Sugar Baby

The ‘Bush Sugar Baby’ watermelon variety is known for its compact vines. Each plant typically produces an average of two 12-pound melons.

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6. Sweet Princess

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties 6

These Sweetest Watermelon Varieties have a marbled pattern of light green with dark green streaks. Inside, you’ll find pink flesh that is both crisp and sweet.

7. Klondike Blue Ribbon

It features thin but tough rinds, displaying alternating light and dark green stripes. Inside, you’ll discover bright crimson flesh boasts a high sugar content.

8. Blacktail Mountain

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties 8

Originating from Northern Idaho, the ‘Blacktail Mountain‘ is one of the Sweetest Watermelon Varieties with scarlet-hued flesh.

9. Golden Midget

‘Golden Midget’ stands out as an exceptionally early variety, making it ideal for gardeners with shorter growing seasons.

10. Sweet Beauty

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties 10

The ‘Sweet Beauty’ watermelon is a hybrid variety renowned for its exceptional eating quality, earning it the title of All-America Selections winner in 2004.

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11. Little Darling

Little Darling’ is a compact and fast-maturing hybrid watermelon variety that produces oblong fruits weighing between five to seven pounds, showcasing rich dark green rinds.

12. Florida Giant

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties 12

One of the Sweetest Watermelon Varieties,it yields round fruits that typically range from 30 to 40 pounds in weight. They taste best when they are properly ripe.

13. Orange Crisp

This hybrid watermelon variety boasts deliciously sweet and refreshingly crisp deep orange flesh, completely devoid of bothersome seeds.

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14. Mini Piccolo

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties 14

‘Mini Piccolo’ is a seedless hybrid variety characterized by its dense, vibrant red flesh, which is packed with exceptional sweetness.

15. Orange Tendersweet

The rinds of these watermelons are strong and feature an attractive pattern of dark and light green stripes. Inside, the melon reveals bright orange flesh that is sweet and flavorful.

16. Mountain Sweet Yellow

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties 16

‘Mountain Sweet Yellow’ is an open-pollinated heirloom variety with yellow flesh. Its elevated sugar content, ensuring a delectable and satisfying experience.

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17. Orangeglo

‘Orangeglo’ is one of the Sweetest Watermelon Varieties. What makes it unique is its orange flesh, which has a pleasantly surprising and somewhat tropical taste.

18. Gold in Gold

Sweetest Watermelon Varieties 18

These melons are not only visually appealing but also offer an exciting flavor experience. With a high sugar content, their golden flesh is delightfully sweet.

19. Yellow Petite

These watermelons, weighing between six to 10 pounds, exhibit light green rinds adorned with dark green stripes. Their delightful yellow flesh is exceptionally sweet!

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How to Pick the Sweetest Watermelon

Picking a sweet and ripe watermelon involves several factors, including observing the external features, assessing the sound produced when tapped, and considering the timeframe from planting to harvest. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the sweetest watermelon:

  • Look for a Uniform Shape: Select a watermelon that has a symmetrical and uniform shape. Avoid watermelons that are misshapen or have lumps or indentations, as these can indicate inconsistent ripening.
  • Check the Field Spot: The field spot is the area where the watermelon rested on the ground. Look for a creamy yellow or creamy white field spot. A fully ripened watermelon will have a darker, deeper color, while an unripe one may have a paler or greenish field spot.
  • Examine the Skin: The watermelon’s skin should be dull rather than shiny. A shiny appearance can indicate an underripe fruit. Look for firm and smooth skin without any cracks, bruises, or soft spots.
  • Tap and Listen: Gently tap the watermelon with your palm or knuckles. Ripe watermelons produce a deep, hollow sound. If the sound is dull or flat, it may indicate an underripe fruit. Avoid watermelons that sound overly hollow or have a high-pitched tone.

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  • Consider the Timeframe: The time from planting to harvest varies depending on the watermelon variety and growing conditions. It’s important to know the expected days to maturity for the specific variety you are growing. Generally, watermelons are at their sweetest, typically 75-90 days after planting.
  • Check the Tendril Near the Stem: Look for a tendril (small, curly stem) near the point where the watermelon stem attaches to the fruit. When the tendril turns brown and dries up, it can be a sign that the watermelon is ready for harvest.
  • Size and Weight: Ripe watermelons are usually heavy for their size. Lift and compare different watermelons of similar size to choose one that feels heavier. However, keep in mind that size alone does not guarantee sweetness, as it can vary among different varieties.

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It’s worth noting that while these tips can help guide you in selecting a ripe and sweet watermelon, the flavor can still vary depending on the variety and growing conditions. Experimenting with different varieties and learning from experience will help you find your preferred sweet and flavorful watermelon.

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