15 Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas To Grow More In Less Space

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Here are some fantastic Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas that’ll inspire you to grow tasty and organic vegetables in a limited space!

Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas
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If you’ve decided to create a vegetable garden on your patio, then these Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas are surely something you must try!

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Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas

1. Skinny Deck Gardening Bed

raised garden bed for growing herbs and vegetables

These skinny deck gardening beds here can be used to grow tomatoes, lettuces, basil, oregano, dill, chives, and flowers like zinnia, daisy, and marigold.

2. Growing a Vegetable Garden on a Deck

Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas 2Carol from GardeningCook.com shares her valuable tips and knowledge for creating a deck vegetable garden in her article here. Must read that, if you’re a beginner.

3. Hanging Deck Rail Herb Planter

Make a planter box that hangs from a deck rail. You can use it to grow your favorite aromatic herbs, dwarf vegetables, greens, or flowers.

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4. Deck Railing Planters

Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas 3Learn how to build a deck railing planter for yourself. Some woodworking is involved, which is explained well in this YouTube tutorial.

5. Deck Vegetable Garden Set Up

deck vegetable gardenCheck out the step-by-step process tutorial on making a deck vegetable garden. It is easy and cheap!

6. Deck Rail Herb Garden

Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas 4Utilize every inch of space when you’re growing a limited-space garden. This quick project at Craftivity Designs shows how to create a small deck rail herb garden.

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7. Recycled Shutter Mason Jar Herb Garden

vertical herb garden diyFor this project, you’ll need an old shutter or reclaimed pallet or plyboard, a few large mason jars, herbs, and hose clamps. It is cheap and easy to make.

8. Off the Deck Salad Garden Box

Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas 9

An off-the-deck salad garden planter like this can be the smartest addition to your deck vegetable garden.

9.  Ladder Planter

DIY Ladder Planter

To grow more plants in a compact area like a balcony, patio, or deck garden, a ladder planter is the greatest solution. Check out our article on DIY Ladder Planters for more!

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10. Tiered Herb Garden

Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas 10

A tiered vegetable or herb garden is the best way to squeeze more space onto your deck or patio. The step-by-step tutorial is available at Decor and the Dog.

11. Grow Vegetables in Containers

container vegetable garden

If you’re not creating raised beds or are skeptical about trying vertical growing ideas, then have a look at our container vegetable garden designs and ideas here!

12. Grow Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas 12

Grow your veggies in hanging containers if the space is limited for you. Choose bush or compact varieties. Watch the video here.

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13. Vertical Deck Garden

All you need are some old wooden crates to create a vertical garden like this for a deck or patio. More details are here.

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14. Dresser Drawer Vegetable Garden

Deck Vegetable Garden Ideas 20

Many homeowners throw away their old dressers all the time. Give it a new life by painting it in bright colors to grow food for your family instead. Check out the tutorial here.

15. Grow Vining Vegetables in Containers

Vining plants like cucumber and others from the squash family need very little space to climb. You can put their pot in the corner of the deck and harvest plenty!

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Bonus – Pick Vegetables that can Grow in Small Pots

If you have limited space to grow more, consider growing plants that can produce larger yields in smaller spaces. We have a great article on the best vegetables that can you can grow in small pots here.

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  1. Would you like a reminder of these ideas for growing a vegetable garden on a patio or deck? Just pin this image to one of your gardening boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.

  2. Who says you need a large yard for a big flower and veggie garden? This vegetable garden on my deck shows that this is not the case. I harvested vegetables all summer long and they tasted just fabulous.


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