22 Beautiful Patio and Porch Design Ideas

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These Stunning Patio and Porch Design Ideas will surely help you to transform the look of your house completely! They are also easy and cheap!

Check out these amazing Patio and Porch Design Ideas that you can easily use to give a new look to your house!

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Patio and Porch Design Ideas

1. Large Front Door Planters

Patio and Porch Design Ideas

The front of this house is looking more beautiful by the addition of these elegant front door planters, a combination of ferns, potato vine, and hydrangea.

2. Blue and White Themed Furniture

Patio design ideas (10)

The lovely theme of blue and white color is making this porch look spacious and elegant and upcycled shutters that are used as a porch divider are an apt way to use old materials.

3. Curtains and Flowers

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 2

Beautiful urn, warm-colored cut flowers, and colorful curtains are making this porch animated.

4. Rocking Chairs

Patio design ideas (8)

Two rocking chairs on this screened porch is a wonderful place to sit down to sip coffee and chat.

5. A Spring Porch!

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 3

Add some blue spring pillows in a paisley pattern to the porch swing with a pair of oversized mugs. Details are here.

6. Rug, Pot, and Rustic Chair

If you have a small patio, then you can simply keep a chair with a pot and a rug to add a sweet appeal.

7. Fall Front Porch

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 4

Simple yet appealing, this design with two chairs and a table with a flower stand will look beautiful. Click here for details.

8. Summer Porch

Transform the look of your old porch with just a few pieces of furniture and other items. Details are here.

9. Red Chairs with Plants

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 5

A long and big porch like this will look stunning with the addition of two large relaxing chairs and potted plants.

10. White Bench with Plants


Two cemented planters on either side of the front door with a white bench complete the look of a small porch!

11. A Big Swing!

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 6

A big swing like this will cover up most of the space in the patio and will look graceful with flowers and other plants.

12. Covered Porch

A nicely covered porch with furniture and plants is a simple yet attractive design choice.

13. Open Porch with Curtain, Rug, and Furniture

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 7

An open porch like this will be a great place to spend quality time with your loved ones.

14. Trailing Plants

An open patio like this will look simply awesome with lots of trailing plants and white furniture!

15. Colorful Small Patio

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 8

A colorful small patio with furniture, movable pallet wooden center table, and flowers looks quite stunning!

16. Wood Themed Patio with Hanging Lights


A wood-themed patio with dark wooden flooring will look awesome lit up with hanging lights at night.

17. Hanging Lights and Baskets

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 9

Two chairs, a hanging basket, and lights make this small patio look really appealing!

18. An English Style Open Patio

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 23

All you need is two rustic chairs and a lot of plants for open this setup!

19. Kitchen on the Porch

There’s nothing like having an open-air kitchen on the porch to enjoy fresh meals!

20. Porch Water Feature

Patio and Porch Design Ideas 22

A small corner water feature on the porch will add an instant appeal with potted plants.

21. Ladder Garden on a Patio


Save a lot of space by growing plants in a wooden tiered garden arrangement.

22. Hanging Planters

Patio and Porch Design Ideas

Hanging baskets with wire cages on a patio will look amazing with different plants.

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