17 Best Small Balcony Garden Ideas You Must Copy

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Have a look at 17 Clever Small Balcony Garden Ideas that will help you make the best use of space.

Don’t let the limited space stop you from making a green oasis in your apartment. Check out these impressive Small Balcony Garden Ideas and get inspired!

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Exceptional Small Balcony Garden Ideas

1. Use the Wall

Small Balcony Garden Ideas

You might be short on floor space, but the walls offer a good vertical area where you can hang pots to display plants. Go for shiny planters or get some rustic ones to up the appeal of the space according to your taste.

2. Hang Planters on the Railing

Small Balcony Garden Ideas You Must Copy

Railing planters make a lot of sense on a tiny balcony or patio space, and you can grow herbs and flowers and ornamental foliage plants in them easily.

3. Make a Trellis for Vining Plants

Some Must-Copy Small Balcony Garden Ideas

A tall trellis with a built-in container on an empty corner wall of a small balcony will ensure you can have a green look in the space with vines and climbers trailing up! Here are the best small vines for containers.

4. Use Hanging BasketsSmall Balcony Garden Ideas You Must Copy1

For a narrow studio balcony, hanging baskets are the best option, as you can hang them by the ceiling and grow plants of your choice. They are great for flowers, vining plants, and even fruits!

5. Make a Plant Wall

Small Balcony Garden Ideas 3

A plant wall is a fantastic idea on a small balcony where you will have enough space for the furniture and moving around while having plants growing up on the vertical space.

6. Plant Shelves are a Great Idea

Some Must-Copy Small Balcony Garden Ideas

Plant shelves can cover up an entire open wall, and you can place multiple pots of different plants on them easily. There, you can have a collection of your favorite herb plants, succulents, or even houseplants–if there is shade.

7. Hang a Hammock

Small Balcony Garden Ideas 4

For that complete chill vibe and a garden feel, having a little hammock can make a small balcony look really appealing. Pair it with bright-colored cushions and surround it with plants in containers and hanging baskets.

8. Use Folding Furniture

Small Balcony Garden Designs That You Have To Try

If you have used most of the space in a small balcony with plant pots, then folding furniture will allow you to save space as you can fold them up when needed.

9. Extend a Rod to Hang Pots

You Must Steal These Tiny Balcony Garden Ideas2

Extend a rod to the length of the balcony and then hang baskets of plants using hooks. It is not only cheap but looks stunning too!

10. Use a Ladder for Pots

Small Balcony Garden Ideas 10

A tall ladder takes much less floor space and offers multiple sections to keep different plants in small or medium pots. A personalized tall garden–you can also keep your tools and books there.

11. Add A Table with Built-in Space for Plants

You Must Steal These Tiny Balcony Garden Ideas2

How about having multipurpose furniture that can grow plants like herbs or succulents while offering you a space to sit and dine?

12. Add At least One Tall Tree

Ideas for Small Balcony Gardens That You Must Imitate

A tall tree on a small balcony will make it appear big and bring a forest vibe to the space. Do pair it with different plants of your choice.

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13. Use Tall Metal Stands

Some Must-Copy Small Balcony Garden Ideas

Tall metal stands are great to hang on the railing or simply keep at the corner of a small balcony to display containers.

14. Try a Wooden Enclosure

Small Balcony Garden Designs That You Have To Try1

A wooden enclosure will cover up a bland wall and create space to keep multiple planters.

15. Add Tiered Crates or Planters

You Must Steal These Tiny Balcony Garden Ideas

Tiered metal or wooden crates are a great option for growing different plants in a limited space. You can also grow veggies and herbs in them.

16. Use Cool Colors

Ideas for Small Balcony Gardens That You Must Imitate

Cool colors make the space appear big and lift up the vibe. You can also opt for warm colors. To understand the color scheme better–click here.

17. Add a Large Mirror to Reflect the Space

Ideas for Small Balcony Gardens That You Must Imitate1

Mirrors reflect light, making a small space feel more roomy and airy. A large mirror in the corner of a small balcony is a must-have!

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