15 DIY Hanging Baskets For Herbs

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Use these tutorials on DIY Hanging Baskets For Herbs and grow as many herbs as you want without compromising space!

An overflowing container full of herbs that you can relish—there’s nothing better than these DIY Hanging Baskets for Herbs fresh additions for your culinary adventures!

DIY Hanging Baskets For Herbs

1. DIY Tiered Hanging Basket Idea

diy hanging baskets for herbs 1

You can recreate this tiered idea for herbs in hanging baskets in just one hour and a handful of supplies. Here’s how.

2. Hanging Basket Herb Garden

diy hanging baskets for herbs 2

This one is perfect for summer and doesn’t need much. Just follow these steps.

3. Woven Hanging Baskets for Herbs

diy hanging baskets for herbs 3

Woven baskets are pretty, provide drainage, and plenty of aeration for great herb growth. Here’s how to make this one.

4. Woven Basket Hanger

diy hanging baskets for herbs 4

Circular ones look just as amazing. You can hang it from a wall hook or even a plant stand.

5. Hanging Basket Herb Garden DIY

Metal mesh kitchen baskets make lovely hangers if you know what you’re doing. Check out the DIY here.

6. Herbal Hanging Basket DIY

diy hanging baskets for herbs 6

Why not create a cute little one like this idea? You can grow rosemary, mint, sage, or any other herb of your choice along with succulents in this arrangements.

7. Hanging Herb Basket

diy hanging baskets for herbs 7

Take a look at this tutorial and learn how to recreate these herb garden baskets for your kitchen in under 2 minutes.

8. DIY Hanging Herb Garden


These 7 steps are all you need to create a lovely (and sturdy) hanging basket garden for herbs.

9. Hanging Basket from Colander

diy hanging baskets for herbs 9

Did you know you could upcycle an old colander into a hanging basket for herbs? Here’s how to do it.

10. Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

diy hanging herb baskets 1

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create a hanging basket herb garden. It’s pretty simple—here’s the DIY.

11. Hanging Basket Kitchen Herb Garden

Hanging baskets are great for kitchen herb gardens because they save counter space and get proper sunlight if positioned correctly. DIY here.

12. Hanging Basket for Herbs

diy hanging herb baskets 2

If you can find a metal basket, don’t part with it because you won’t find anything stronger for hanging and growing herbs.

13. Parsley Herb Basket

This metal bucket with chick wire is great for growing all kinds of herbs, not just parsley.

14. Veggie and Herb Hanging Basket

Diy hanging herb baskets 8

You can also add a few veggies to the mix, but make sure they’re good companion plants for your herbs.

15. Herb Hanging Basket

A wicker basket, a chain, and a wall hook are all you need for this one.

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