23 Cool Ways to Use Starbucks Cups for Plants

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Do not miss these DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants, especially if you are a coffee lover! Save ‘grande’ and make good use of them.

Re-use and turn your everyday Starbucks cups into creative pots for your favorite plants; you can also use these to propagate plant cuttings and for a fun and creative display that won’t cost almost anything.

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1. Upcycled Frappuccino Cup Planters

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 1

Turn your collection of Frappuccino cups into matching planters for the balcony with this quick and easy DIY. Add some soil, plant the seedlings gently, and spritz some water. Check it out here.

2. Tomato, Bachelor’s Button and Marigold in Coffee Cups

These sturdy Starbucks cups won’t break down easily, just like your thirst for coffee. Here’s the DIY.

3. Succulents in Starbucks

A little bit of soil and gravel can go a long way if you want to create a small coffee cup succulent container garden. With just potting medium, succulents, and gravel, you, too, can create this easily.

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4. Thriving Tomato Planter

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 4

Want to grow miniature tomatoes in style? Follow this DIY guide and do it in a Starbucks cup without spending a single buck. Perhaps spend some for the coffee.

5. Roses in Starbucks Cups

Propagating roses is child’s play if you grow them in Starbucks coffee cups like this DIY. They also double up as mini greenhouses if you put on the lids. Here’s the DIY.

6. Cacti and Succulent in Plastic Coffee Cups

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 6

Don’t throw away those plastic Starbucks containers. Use them as a saucer to catch water under the upside-down lid to grow tiny succulents and cacti.

7. Cacti Globe in Coffee Cup

Just like the last one, you can create an amazing terrarium full of small cacti resting on a coffee cup; just add one more lid to cover it, though, for a terrarium-like appearance.

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8. Starbucks Cup for English Ivy in Water

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 8

Growing English Ivy in water? Why go with a glass container when a Starbucks cup gets the job done, too?

9. Easy Homemade Greenhouse for Sprouting Seeds

Join two plastic coffee cups with a bit of tape, and you have a mini greenhouse for sprouting seeds without much effort. Once you set it up, you don’t need to do anything. Tutorial here.

10. DIY Starbucks Planter for Neon Pothos

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 10

These Pothos vines and intricate roots look truly amazing in that upcycled DIY Starbucks planter filled with water. Want to give it a try? Check it out here.

11. Starbucks Cup Planter and Saucer Combo

Looking for a pot and saucer combo for spider plants? Go with this 4-step DIY instead. Check it out here.

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12. DIY Plant Shelf Decor with Starbucks Cups

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 12

Adorn your shelves with repurposed Starbucks cups full of fake ice creams, artificial plants, and trinkets to make it stand out!

13. Starbucks Cup Succulent with Buzz Lightyear


Give your kid’s room a makeover with this tiny succulent in a Starbucks cup with a cool toy that they’ll absolutely adore.

14. DIY Starbucks Jade Plant Pot

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 14

Go with a grande Starbucks cup for a grande jade plant, and you’ll never want to repot it ever again. Or, just slide in your regular pot inside a Starbucks container, and you’ll have the same look!

15. Long Leaf Pair in Coffee Cups


Who knew Starbucks coffee cups would complement slender, narrow stems and long leaves houseplants so much? Just fill the cups with potting medium and moss.

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16. Plant Pot Covers

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 16

Want to give your indoor garden a makeover in just 5 seconds? Use the Starbucks cup as a cover for your small pots! Just slide the pot in, and you’re done.

17. Starbucks Terrarium for Kalanchoe


Look how amazing and adorable these baby Kalanchoes look in this repurposed frappuccino container from Starbucks. Balance a terrarium filled with soil on a Starbucks cup and add water at the bottom. Once it evaporates, add more.

18. Baby Venus Flytrap in Starbucks Cup

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 18

Spruce up your tabletop and keep pests and flies away with this mini Venus flytrap in small Starbucks containers. Don’t forget to give it a pretty name like Carl here.

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19. Starbucks Pots


Go with this pair of pot and saucer-style Starbucks planters that will look amazing on every counter or dresser. A little bit of soil and gravel are enough for each.

20. DIY Starbucks Cup with Hydroponics

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 20

Grow green onions, celery, and herbs by harnessing the power of hydroponics and the beauty of simple Starbucks coffee cups. Just add vermiculite or coconut coir in water and start growing these.

21. DIY Plants in Starbucks Cups


With a little bit of work, you can master growing seedlings in coffee cups. What better way is there? All you need is some potting medium and some water spray.

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22. Devil’s Ivy in Starbucks Medium Cup

DIY Starbucks Cup Ideas for Plants 22

You might not be able to buy Devil’s Ivy at Starbucks, but you can definitely create your own with a repurposed coffee container. Just add some water and a handful of soil, and you’re good to go.

23. Plant Cutting in Starbucks Cup


Just fill a Starbucks cup with water and add the cutting to it. The hold in the lid will provide support, and the cup will make it look amazing!

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