7 Black Nightshade Plants

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Black Nightshade Plants can be a fantastic addition to your garden, as long as you are a little careful!

Before you stop at your tracks and think, hey! Aren’t these toxic? Wait! Well, they are, but if you are a connoisseur of plants and want to have something different in your collection while being mindful of the safety, these aren’t bad at all!

Black Nightshade Plants

1. American Black Nightshade

Black Nightshade Plants 1

Botanical Name: Solanum americanum

American black nightshade is a small shrub that grows up to 4-6 feet tall and produces white flowers with a star-like pattern, usually in summer and fall.

2. European Black Nightshade

Nightshade Plants 2

Botanical Name: Solanum nigrum

The European black nightshade can be a fantastic container plant as long as you keep them out of reach from pets and children.

3. Eastern Black Nightshade

Nightshade Plants with black fruit 3

Botanical Name: Solanum ptychanthum

What makes the Eastern black nightshade stand out are its purple-hued flowers having bright yellow anthers that create a visual spectacle with its black-green leaves.

4. Eggplant

Black Nightshade Plants in garden 4

Botanical Name: Solanum melongena

You got to have an eggplant in your collection if you are a true gardener! Not only it looks good, but it also provides a basket full of harvest that your entire family can enjoy!

5. Tabasco Pepper

Botanical Name: Capsicum frutescens ‘Tabasco’

Now you know from where the name of that sauce comes from, right? This pepper also looks colorful when it gets full of peppers! Its spicy flavor goes well with many dishes.

6. Black / Blue Tomatoes

Black Nightshade Plants shrub 6

Botanical Name: Lycopersicon esculentum ‘Indigo Rose’

The fruits of these tomatoes have a deep blue tint, which makes them appear black from a distance. They have a strong flavor, making them great for salads or any preparation of your liking.

7. Belladonna


Botanical Name: Atropa belladonna

A deadly nightshade plant with black berries, its roots and leaves are also highly toxic, so it is better to stay away from it. Its fruits attract children, so it will be a good idea to teach them about its toxicity to keep them safe.

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