12 Vegetables that Produce Many from Just One Plant

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Are you looking for Vegetables that Produce Many from Just One Plant? Here are some tasty ones that you can grow in pots!

What if I told you about some delicious vegetables that produce many from one plant? Fresh harvest for all the family members right from a single container!

Vegetables that Produce Many from Just One Plant

1. Tomatoes

Vegetables that Produce Many 1Well, this has to be my favourite because it grows practically in any climatic conditions without too much of a fuss. In a right size container and a perfect growing environment,  tomato plant produces pounds fruits!

2. Zucchini

Vegetables that Produce Many 2

Expect this plant to produce 2-4 pounds of fruits in the season, even while growing in a medium sized pot. Isn’t that amazing?

All you got to do is to give it 5-6 hours of direct sunlight and use well draining soil. That’s it!

3. Green Beans

Vegetables that Produce Many 3

While every bean variety is a champion choice for containers, if you are looking for plentiful veggies from a single plant, pole beans are the ones you must pick for that basket of harvest!

If you live in a warm weather, you will be in for a treat! A medium sized container, and a spot in a sunny balcony or patio is all you need for this!

4. Lettuce

Vegetables that Produce Many 4

While the above veggie is a great pick for warm climates, we also have a tasty option that does extremely well in colder ones – lettuce! Make sure it gets indirect light and remains safe from prolonged, direct sun exposure.

What works in its favour, is the continual harvest. Keep the plant growing in the pot, and cut the leaves to add them in salads, broths, stews, and other vegetable preparations.

5. Kale

Vegetables that Produce Many 5

Another leafy contender that’s quite tasty at that! Kale keeps on growing after you harvest its leaves, meaning a single plant will be enough to keep that salad platter full!

For best growth, use a wider container for it to expand better and provide 3-4 hours of direct morning sun exposure.

6. Eggplant

Vegetables that Produce Many 7

Be it in a fried sliced form, or in a sautéed preparation, eggplants shine in all forms! The best part, it produces so much yield from a single plant that you can also share the harvest with your neighbours!

Just be careful of the pests, give it plenty of sunlight, and use well draining soil.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Vegetables that Produce Many 9

These are definitely more heat tolerant than potatoes, so warm climate people – this is your pick! Like the plant above, these, too, need deeper containers to produce substantial number of tubers.

Remember, plenty of bright and indirect light (3-4 hours of direct sun), and well-draining soil is a must!

8. Bitter Melon


Typically yielding between 10-15 pounds of harvest per plant, you can be rest assured of having too many veggies for everyone in the neighbourhood!

The only thing it needs is plenty of sunlight (minimum of 7-8 hours of direct exposure), and good air circulation to keep the pests at bay. Also, feed well to ensure the fruits are of good quality.

9. Chili Pepper

The quintessential addition in most food preparations out there, having this in the pot is a must! Expect the single plant to produce about 2 to 5 pounds of fresh chillies throughout the growing season.

It also needs a tonnes of indirect sunlight exposure, and a constantly moist soil to produce better harvest. So, do not let that growing medium go all dry, ever!

10. Malabar Spinach

If you are a salad lover, this plant needs to be either on your sunny balcony, or patio. The more you are going to harvest the leaves, the more it will sprout them back, simple!

Using a well draining potting mix is crucial for better development. Also, do not expose the plant to full sunlight for long and give it plenty of indirect light.

11. Cucumber

Depending on the different varieties, you can expect the plant to yield anywhere between 5 to 10 pounds per plant, which is more than sufficient for an entire family, and you would have enough to spare for a neighbour, too!

For more fruits and no pests, it is important that the plant gets a minimum of 6-7 hours of full sun every day. Also, proper air circulation is important to save the plant from diseases.

12. Ivy Gourd

Being a vine, you can train it anywhere while giving around 2 to 4 pounds of fruit in the growing season. The plant grows best in full sun exposure and enjoys a fertilization with a balanced feed every 5-6 weeks.

Also, it is important to water the plant regularly otherwise the fruits won’t be that tasty and juicy!

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