Ralph Astley

Ralph Astley, a retired resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an expert in outdoor plants and arboriculture. With a wealth of knowledge acquired over years of hands-on gardening, Ralph has become a trusted authority in the care and cultivation of outdoor plants and trees. His well-crafted articles and social media contributions have made him a go-to source for plant enthusiasts.


  • Expert in outdoor plants and trees
  • Resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Skilled writer on topics related to outdoor plant care
  • Passionate about dogs and travel


Though retired, Ralph stays actively engaged in his passion for gardening, specifically focusing on outdoor plants and trees. His articles and guides are meticulously researched and written, providing in-depth and practical advice for gardeners interested in arboriculture and outdoor plant care.

A Word From Ralph Astley

“Outdoor gardening is more than a pastime; it’s a calling. Each tree and plant in my yard is nurtured as an integral part of the ecosystem. Sharing what I know through writing deepens this connection and I hope it does the same for my readers.”


Ralph has taken multiple courses related to outdoor plants, trees, and arboriculture, supplementing his years of hands-on experience with academic knowledge.


  • Outdoor Plants and Trees
  • Content Creation Focused on Arboriculture
  • Community Engagement in Plant Care