10 Unique DIY Herb Garden Ideas For You

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These super easy-to-make DIY Herb Garden are also creative and cheap! Check out some of the most unique ideas on the internet here!

The best thing about herbs is they are super easy to grow. You can plant them in many ways, and as they take up little space, they’re also very handy. Here are some great DIY Herb Garden ideas you can implement and get immensely creative!

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Creative DIY Herb Garden Ideas

1. DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY Herb Garden

Check out our step-by-step tutorial and make yourself a herb garden with name tags that’ll help you to easily recognize them at one go!

2. Upcycled Hanging Herb Garden

All you need is unused plastic bottles to grow herbs in a unique, upside-down way! Watch the video for all the details! Also, check out this DIY self-watering herb garden tutorial here.

3. Herb Wreath

DIY Herb Garden 2

A 20-inch wire wreath, moss, burlap, and herbs are all you need for this exciting DIY project!

4. Vertical Herb Garden

Use large and small flower pots, a bamboo pole, spray paint, hot glue, and drip tray to make this really cool verticle herb garden! Watch the video here!

5. Quick DIY Vertical Garden

DIY Herb Garden 3

Using a grinder blade, cut pots in half and stick them to a waterproof board, and voila! Your quick DIY vertical herb garden is ready!

6. Vintage Tea Pots Herb Garden

Vintage silver tea and coffee pots can be great planters to grow your favorite herbs! Details are here.

7. 10 Minute Easy Indoor Herb Planter

DIY Herb Garden 4

Wouldn’t it be great to have a planter, which you can easily move outdoors depending on the weather? Check out this awesome DIY to make yourself one!

8. Plastic Bottle Herb Garden



9. DIY Herb Garden on Your Window Sill

DIY Herb Garden 5

Nothing like having herbs within your reach, right by the kitchen windowsill, where you can grab a handful whenever you need them! For details, click here.

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10. Soda Can Herb Garden

Have soda cans? Don’t crush and throw them away! Cut the top section and paint them to the color of your choice. Voila! Your mini planters are ready! You can also use 6-pack holders to grow multiple herbs together.

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