28 Cool Looking Mushrooms

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From vibrant colors to unique shapes, these Cool Looking Mushrooms can surprise you with their artsy vibes! Keep reading!

These Cool Looking Mushrooms can be a great addition to your garden, thanks to their striking colors and weird shapes. Explore the fascinating world of fungi!

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Cool Looking Mushrooms

1. Fly Agaric

Botanical Name: Amanita muscaria

These Cool Looking Mushrooms feature a bright red cap with white spots, resembling something out of a fairy tale. However, it’s important to note that it is toxic.

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2. Lion’s Mane

Botanical Name: Hericium erinaceus

This mushroom resembles a shaggy white globe, resembling a lion’s mane. It’s valued for its potential health benefits and unique appearance.

3. Bleeding Tooth Fungus

Botanical Name: Hydnellum peckii

This mushroom looks like something out of a horror movie with its red, “bleeding” droplets on the undersides. The droplets contain a pigment that resembles blood.

4. Devil’s Cigar


Botanical Name: Chorioactis geaster

Also known as the Texas Star, these Cool Looking Mushrooms havw a cigar-like appearance when young and then splits open into a star-shaped structure as it matures.

5. Basket Stinkhorn

Botanical Name: Clathrus ruber

This fungus has a bizarre and somewhat alien appearance, with a red lattice-like structure emerging from a white “egg.” It’s also known for its foul odor.

6. Blue Foot Mushroom

Botanical Name: Cortinarius caerulescens

As the name suggests, this mushroom features a distinct blue-colored stem that contrasts with its cap. It’s found in various parts of the world.

7. Amanita


Botanical Name: Amanita Muscaria var. Formosa

This variation of the Fly Agaric features a stunning golden-yellow cap instead of the typical red. It’s found in parts of the western United States.

8. Octopus Stinkhorn

Botanical Name: Clathrus archeri

Resembling an octopus emerging from an egg, these Cool Looking Mushrooms have tentacle-like structures that give it a unique and fascinating appearance.

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9. Turkey Tail Fungus


Botanical Name: Trametes versicolor

Also known as the Turkey Tail, this mushroom features concentric rings of colorful bands on its cap, resembling the pattern of a peacock’s tail feathers.

10. Violet Coral

Botanical Name: Clavaria zollingeri

Resembling a cluster of vibrant violet coral, this mushroom stands out with its unique color and shape. It emerges from soil or decaying matter.

11. Orange Peel Fungus


Botanical Name: Aleuria aurantia

These Cool Looking Mushrooms resemble a discarded orange peel on the ground. Its bright color and cup-like shape make it distinct.

12. Starry Earthball

Botanical Name: Geastrum quadrifidum

The Starry Earthball is a mushroom that looks like a star when mature. Initially resembling an Earth-like sphere, it splits to reveal a star-shaped inner structure.

13. Black Morel

Botanical Name: Morchella elata

The Black Morel, Morchella elata, is a prized mushroom known for its distinctive appearance. With a honeycomb-like cap and dark color, it grows in forests.

14. White Puffball


Botanical Name: Calvatia gigantea

The White Puffball, Calvatia gigantea, is a mushroom that releases spores in a puff of dust when mature.

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15. Cauliflower Mushroom

Botanical Name: Sparassis crispa

These Cool Looking Mushrooms look like a pale-yellow cauliflower head with convoluted and frilly edges. It is common in North America and Europe.

16. Bioluminescent Fungus

Botanical Name: Mycena chlorophos

The Bioluminescent Fungus is a special mushroom that can produce soft, greenish light. It glows in the dark to attract insects, which helps spread its spores.

17. Elfin Saddle

Botanical Name: Helvella crispa

Resembling a tiny saddle, these Cool Looking Mushrooms have a distinctive shape and can vary in color from pale to dark. Its unique shape and wavy edges make it distinctive.

18. Cinnabar Chanterelle

Botanical Name: Cantharellus cinnabarinus

The Cinnabar Chanterelle is a mushroom with vibrant red coloration. It grows on the forest floor and is prized for culinary uses.

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19. Indigo Milk Cap

Botanical Name: Lactarius indigo

The Indigo Milk Cap stands out with its vibrant blue coloration, a rarity in the mushroom world. Found in North America, it exudes a blue “milk” when injured.

20. Brain Mushroom

Botanical Name: Gyromitra esculenta

The Brain Mushroom is a distinctive fungus resembling a brain’s convolutions. Often appearing in spring, it’s a culinary curiosity despite its toxic nature when raw.

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21. Dog Stinkhorn

Botanical Name: Mutinus caninus

Dog Stinkhorns are unique Cool Looking Mushrooms that start as egg-shaped structures in the ground. When they opens, they turn into a weird brown-tipped rods like structures.

22. Amethyst Deceiver


Botanical Name: Laccaria amethystina

The Amethyst Deceiver is a delicate and enchanting mushroom with a subtle charm. It thrives in woodlands by displaying shades ranging from soft lavender to rich amethyst.

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23. Puffball


Botanical Name: Basidiomycota

The Puffball is a unique mushroom that matures into a spherical, white structure resembling an airy ball. When ripe, it releases a cloud of spores through a central opening.

24. Veiled Lady

Botanical Name: Phallus indusiatus

These Cool Looking Mushrooms feature a delicate, lacy skirt-like veil that hangs from the cap. They emitts a pungent odor to attract insects for spore dispersal.

25. Blue Pinkgill


Botanical Name: Entoloma hochstetteri

The Blue Pinkgill is a mushroom with eye-catching blue colors. It appears in forests and grasslands. When mature, its gills turn pink.

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26. Crown Tipped Coral

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Botanical Name: Artomyces Pyxidatus

The Crown Tipped Coral, Artomyces pyxidatus, looks like coral with crown-like tips. Often seen on decaying wood, it’s an intricate organism.

27. Rounded Earthstar


Botanical Name: Geastrum sanctum

These Cool Looking Mushrooms resemble a round ball that opens into a star shape. Found on the ground, it releases spores when mature.

28. Black Witches Butter


Botanical Name: Exidia glandulosa

Black Witches Butter, appears like dark jelly on wood. Its gelatinous texture distinguishes it. Found in various habitats, it’s a unique example of fungal diversity.

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