30 DIY Window Box Ideas for Curb Appeal of Your Home

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Increase your home’s curb appeal and grow beautiful plants on windows by following these inexpensive yet appealing DIY Window Box Ideas!

Do you live in an apartment? Don’t have a garden in your home? Do not worry! Use these awesome DIY Window Box Ideas to grow your favorite plants in less space!

Here are the best vegetables to grow in Window Boxes

DIY Window Box Ideas

1. Wooden Window Box

Wooden Window Box

Build a window box out of cedar boards using sandpaper, screws, exterior paint, and some hardware. Visit DIY Network for the tutorial post.

2. Chevron Pattern Box

If you’re bored with the way your window box looks, spruce it up using colored wood pieces in a chevron pattern. We found the idea here.

3. Wood Window Box

Install a wooden window box to create more room for growing flowers. Plans are available at Popular Mechanics.

4. Modern Window Planter

DIY Window Box Idea

Nail four 1*6 cedar fencing together and finish the box with some waterproof primer and paint. We found the idea at Houzz.

5. Window Flower Boxes

23 DIY Window Box Ideas For Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Certainly, most of you might not like plain window boxes. If so, consider making this box with some front design. For the designs, cut the corners of the planks diagonally using a saw. Check out the tutorial here.

6. DIY Window Box

The wooden box above might be similar to many others in this list, but the brackets reflect a quirkiness for sure! Learn the whole procedure at DIY Network.

7. Window Box Planter Tips

Window Box Planter Tips

Before creating a window box, you must read this article by HGTV, which guides you with critical tips about a window box planter. These tips and tricks will help you to create and maintain your planter box efficiently.

8. Small Window Boxes

Instead of creating a large window box, divide it into three sections to increase planting opportunities in your exterior. Find the tutorial post at Lowes.

9. Window Box With Vintage Trim

Stand out of the ordinary by DIYing this window box in between a vintage trim. Though this site doesn’t have the DIY for the old trim, you can look for it over the web.

10. Window Flower Box DIY

Window Flower Box DIY

Glue wood shims to a finished planter box to give it a more textured look and paint the whole with wood stain. You can access the DIY here.

11. Window Box With Shutters

Make pot-sized holes into a wooden plank and create wooden shutters to replicate this project. Add terracotta pots with flowers to the holes, and you’ll be ready with a homemade window box.

12. DIY Window Box

Add charm to your monotonous windows by imitating this window planter box here. You’ll need some hardware, wood, sandpaper, window box brackets, flowers/edibles, and potting soil.

13. Drawer Style Window Box

Drawer Style Window Box

Upcycle your dresser drawer by employing it into modeling this window box planter to modify your window’s appearance. See the tutorial at Hometalk.

14. Wooden Planter Box

Cut significant holes for the pots and screw the shelf to a hanging strip to complete this DIY. Read the instructions in detail at Family Handyman.

15. DIY Pallet Window Box

This blogger upcycled a pallet into a window box. You can do this too by following her instructions here.

16. Vibrant Window Box for Annuals

Begin your spring planting of annuals in this vibrant window box. Get the step-by-step tutorial at Mom Spark.

17. Aluminum Gutter Succulent Window Box

Window Box Idea Diy

This article at Shelterness suggests using an aluminum gutter with gutter caps as a window box planter to grow succulents.

18. Wood Shin Window Box Planter

Learn how to transform an ordinary wooden window box into this at Censational Style.

19. Beautiful Lattice Windowboxes

Beautiful Lattice Windowboxes

Build a beautiful window box planter with lattice details easily by taking the help of this tutorial.

20. Colorful Tin Can Planters and Pallet Holder

Use an old pallet to hold the colorful tin can planters—one of the coolest DIY Window Box Ideas to try your hands on. Get the details at Pillar Box Blue! Check out these tin can herb planter ideas as well.

21. Galvanized Tub Window Boxes

Hang galvanized tub on the window to use as window boxes for a rustic appeal. You can grow herbs and vegetables in them apart from annuals. We found the idea here.

22. Twig Craft Window Box Planter

Twig Craft Window Box Planter
Image Credit: Improvised Life

This DIY window box idea is simple–Look here and there in your garden to find some twigs from fallen branches. Cut them to a similar height and glue them on any wooden window box.

23. Cylindrical Window Boxes

Cylindrical Window Boxes

You can also use galvanized planters of different shapes as window boxes. Also, see these galvanized metal planters you can make easily.

24. Green Window Box Planter

This small yet beautiful green window box is great for growing herbs and flowers!

25. Dark Window Box

Here’s a detailed DIY on how you can make a window box using wooden planks and paint it in a dark shade to grow flowers!

26. Narrow White Windowbox

This little window box idea can be an awesome addition to your patio to grow little flowers. Details are here.

27. Cedar Window Box Planter

Watch the video here on making a simple window box out of cedar wood for your small apartment window!

28. Redwood or Cedar Antique Window Box

Check out the detailed DIY on how to make an antique-looking window box for large windows.

29. Long White Window Box

All you need is Cedar boards in desired widths, lag bolts, exterior grade white paint, along with few other supplies to make this one.

30. Flower Boxes From Old Pallets

Here’s a fantastic video on how you can make a rustic window box to grow flowers using old wooden pallets.

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