12 Amazing Talcum Powder Uses in the Garden

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Not just for keeping the sweat and body odor away, there are 12 amazing Talcum Powder Uses in the Garden, you should know about!


We generally use talcum powder to get rid of the sweat and feel fresh and odor-free but it is useful in your backyard as well! Surprised? Have a look at 12 amazing Talcum Powder Uses in the Garden!

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Talcum Powder Uses in the Garden

1. Keep Bugs Away

Talcum powder works best to keep any insects away from your garden. If you want to repel ants, plant lice, Japanese Beetles from home and garden, sprinkle some talcum powder directly over and under the infested area on the leaves. As you know ants promote aphid infestation, repel ants mean you’ll be to control aphids too!

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2. Keep the Flowering Bulbs Safe!


Sprinkle some talcum powder onto the bulbs, especially rubbing on their ends before planting—it will coat the roots of the bulbs, keeping them protected from rot.

The powder also keeps grubs, voles, rodents, and moles away that would otherwise eat your bulbs before they grow.

3. Deter Animals


Dust some talcum powder around your favorite plants or at the border of the garden to keep raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, and deer away. A white-tail deer has 297 million olfactory receptors compared to humans only 5 or 6 million, this excellent sense of smell of these animals make them uncomfortable dealing with the scent of a talc.

Do repeat the process every 5-6 days to make it work more effectively.

4. Take Off Gloves Easily


While wearing garden gloves particularly on a hot day, you may struggle to take them off. It is best to throw some talcum powder on your hand before wearing them. This will make them come off easily later.

5. Remove Grease from Garden Clothes


Whether you are applying pesticides, fertilizer or tilling the soil–A tedious gardening day can make your clothes dirty. Here’s a quick trick to keep your apparels clean.

Rub the powder well on soil and dirt and brush off excess. Keep repeating until the stains are gone.

6. No More Blisters!


Put some talcum powder on garden tools and they would become less rough on the hands. This tip is useful mostly when you are not wearing gloves while working in the garden.

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7. Deodorize Gardening Boots


The chances of your gardening boots or shoes getting smelly, stinky, and dirty is higher. Sprinkle some talcum powder and let it sit overnight so that it can absorb the sweaty odor. Vacuum it in the morning and the footwear will start smelling pretty fresh!

8. Prevent Rotting of Roots


At the time of transplanting or repotting, dust some talc on the rootball of your plants in order to prevent them from root rot. The powder can help to absorb excess moisture and will therefore prevent the plants from rotting.

This trick also work on overwatered plant suffering from root rot.

9. Brush off Sand


Sandy hands and clothes are always at your doorstep if you’re a plant parent, which turns even messier when it comes in wet. Brush off the sand from your clothes easily by applying talcum powder. It will absorb the moisture, making the affair easy for you.

10. Fight Sweaty Days


Sweat and odor seem to be a constant mate after a long summer day in the garden. Give them a tough fight by sprinkling talcum powder on parts of your body where sweat accumulates easily.

Do this before going on your garden tour.

11. Keep Away the Stinky Smell


If you have a mini garden on your balcony, then wet seasons are sure to drive in an unwanted stinky odor. Swipe it right away by sprinkling talcum powder on terracotta tubs, garden mats, behind the pots and fertilizer and soil packets.

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12. Save Your Garden Grass from Dog Urine


Dog or cat urine is highly rich in nitrogen, and high concentrations of it can cause burns and yellow spots on the garden grass. Acidic or alkaline urine may also end up altering the pH of the soil, adversely affecting grass growth.

The best way to avoid it is to sprinkle the fragrant powder around the lawn or in the area where your dogs and cats frequent to pee often. They will keep away from the scent of the powder, and will not urinate at the same again and again.

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