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Daylilies come in myriad colors and shapes, with a perfect fit for every garden. Sort out your favorite from the Best Daylily Varieties below!

These quick growers beautify the perennial flower border or stand as a naturally stunning backdrop to other plants. Daylilies can be also an excellent choice for ground cover on slopes! Pick your favorite one from these Best Daylily Varieties.

Botanical Name: Hemerocallis

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What are Daylilies?

Belonging to the Hemerocallis genus, the Daylilies are not true lilies, but they look equally stunning nonetheless! They grow to an impressive height of 3-4 feet and produce flowers that open longer than the lilies.

Daylilies are also easy to grow and are fairly resistant to pests or diseases.

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Best Daylily Varieties

1. Lilting Belle

Best Daylily Varieties
It blooms mid-season with star-shaped, greenish-yellow center and bubblegum pink-colored petals.

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2. Siloam Betty Barnes
It has large, golden-colored blooms that look stunning mainly because the plant takes an impressive height of 20-26 inches.

3. Renegade Rover

Best Daylily Varieties 2

Another mid-season bloomer with a dark wine-colored center that opens up in bright yellow cups.

4. Stella de Oro 


You can expect this variety to bloom all season long in golden shades. Stella de Oro thrives best in full sunlight and is best suited for USDA zones 3-9.

5. Moon Ladder

It has beautifully shaped blooms that resemble fireworks cracking up in the sky. It flowers in lavender and white colors with dark veins.

6. Orange Velvet

With stunning ruffled orange-colored petals and a faint white stripe, ‘Orange Velvet’ is one of the most loved varieties of daylily.

7. Searsucker Sue

Best Daylily Varieties 4
It showcases frilled petals in creamy yellow shades and a sunny lime-green center.

8. Red Volunteer 

With cherry-red-colored petals that give way to sunny yellow centers on ‘Red Volunteer’ are sure to bring a smile to any gardener’s face.

9. My Special Angel

Best Daylily Varieties 5
The beautiful yellow blooms gradually change to a light cream color – it is a single bloom perennial that has lime green throat and yellow frilled edges.

10. Paper Butterfly

‘Paper Butterfly’ has apricot petals with a deep purple center and lime green throat.

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11. Peacock Maiden

Best Daylily Varieties 6

With deep purple petals and a solitary white stripe striking the center of each petal—it’s a great contrast for the bloom’s lime-green center.

12. Moonlit Masquerade

You can create a dramatic sense in your garden with this gorgeous variety of daylily. It has ruffled petals in cream color. It is one of the Best Daylily Varieties to grow!

13. Elegant Candy

Best Daylily Varieties 7
This variety of daylily is an easy-to-care one that blooms all season long. You can grow this pastel beauty in full sunlight to partial shade in well-drained, moist soil.

14. Trahlyta

This variety features a subtle pink-colored flower with a lime-green center and dark pink ‘eye’.

15. Super Coral

Best Daylily Varieties 8

A beautiful orange coral-colored flower with yellow anthers makes this perennial an eye-catcher in the garden.

16. Wineberry Candy

This daylily blooms for about 14-16 hours which is longer than many other varieties of daylilies. The light pink petals have an eye in the wine color and a throat in green.

17. Myth and Magic

Best Daylily Varieties 9
With peach-colored blooms and yellow frilled edges, Myth and Magic is guaranteed to bring some magic into your home.

18. Night Embers

With frilled petals in deeper shades of maroon, and edged in yellow and a yellow center, this variety looks breathtaking in any space.

19. Scarlet Romance

Best Daylily Varieties 10

This daylily features flowers in crimson color with a yellow center and white crisp edges.

20. Techny Breeze

The blooms can reach up to a length of 5-6 inches and open up in peach yellow color. Techny Breeze is a perennial that requires full sunlight to partial shade.

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21. Siloam Double Classic

Best Daylily Varieties 11
With pretty fluffy pink blooms and lots of ruffles, Siloam Double Classic can be a great addition to your collection that also brings in a pleasant fragrance.

22. Ram

This variety showcases flowers in bright yellow color with white-edged petals and a light green-colored center.

23. Hillbilly Heart

Best Daylily Varieties 12
‘Hillbilly Heart’ has frilled petals in light cream yellow shades. With a crimson eye zone, the edge of each petal is also in the same crimson color.

24. Indian Giver

‘Indian Giver’ features blooms in a striking purple with white, frilled edges and a lime-green center.

25. Storm Chaser

Best Daylily Varieties 13
This unique variety features a dark maroon-colored petal with frilled edges and an orange-yellow center.

26. Spotted Fever

Another double bloom with petals that are spotted and frilled in burgundy and yellow shades.

27. Yellow Bouquet

Best Daylily Varieties 14
This gorgeous variety features pretty blooms that are 3-4-inches in size. The double blooms in a bright yellow shade.

28. Techny Peace

This colorful variety closely looks like its sister ‘Techny Breeze’ a lot. It has frilled petals in soft yellow and cream tones with a lime green color throat.

29. Lavender Vista

Best Daylily 15

The cheerful yellow and pink blooms of Lavender Vista are a welcoming sight during midsummer. The fragrant flowering plant can grow up to a height of 18-25 inches.

30. Barbara Mitchell

The semi-evergreen variety produces blooms starting from mid-season and also reblooms. You can grow it in USDA zones 3-9.

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31. Mary’s Gold

Best Daylily Varieties 16
‘Mary’s Gold’ showcases vibrant soft orange petals with a green throat and subtle hints of white. It is one of the Best Daylily Varieties to grow!

32. Fooled Me

This truly beautiful golden-yellow colored petal with frilly edges in orange-red dark shades is another variety of daylily that you can choose to grow.

33. Ferengi Gold

Best Daylily Varieties 17
‘Ferengi Gold’ is a mostly solid yellow daylily with a green throat and traces of white on each frilled petal.

34. Savannah Debutante

With a gorgeous apricot-yellow-colored bloom of about 5-6 inches in diameter, it makes Savannah Debutante a beautiful addition to your garden.

35. Startle

Best Daylily Varieties 18

The daylily with red petals and yellow frilled edges would definitely capture anyone’s attention instantly in any garden where Startle grows.

36. Real Wind

With soft orange-colored petals, and a yellow-orange throat, Real Wind makes for an attractive flowering plant in your garden.

37. Yellow Daylily

It is also called the Lemon daylily. With trumpet-shaped yellow-colored flowers, the variety offers a refreshing dash of colors to gardens.

38. Twiggy

Another midseason variety has long orange petals with frilly edges. It pairs really well with other dark varieties on this list.
39. Forsyth Flaming Snow
Forsyth Flaming Snow has creamed-colored petals with frilled edges. The flower also has subtle hints of yellow, lavender, and white in each petal.

40. Kindly Light

‘Kindly Light’ features spider-like, long petals in yellow shades with no fragrance. It makes for great cut flowers.

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41. Russian Rhapsody

Best Daylily Varieties 21
This deep purple-colored flower with yellow center blossoms all along the season. The blooms grow upto 5-6 inches in diameters and 20-30 inches in height.

42. Ilonka

‘Ilonka’ showcases petals in soft lavender color and a lime green throat with hints of white. It is one of the Best Daylily Varieties to grow!

43. Siloam Double Fringe

Best Daylily Varieties 22

It is a doubled daylily variety that features ruffled edged petals in light yellow shades.

44. Siloam Royal Prince

It is a variety found in shades of purple, red, and magenta with huge ruffled petals. A faded midrib in white color makes it stand out.

45. Long Yellow


This daylily can grow up to a height of 12-16 inches. The plant has bright yellow fragrant blooms in the shape of a trumpet.

46. Silver Veil

With light pink-colored flowers and frilled edges, Silver Veil blooms in mid-season with a yellow and green center.

47. El Desperado

Best Daylily Varieties 27
‘El Desperado’ features attractively frilled petals in soft yellow color. The blooms also have an eye zone in a dark burgundy shade.

48. Amur Daylily

This variety is native to northwest China, Japan, the far east of Russia, and Korea. The stunning beauty of the blossoms that are found in yellow-orange shades.

49. Moonlight Orchid

Best Daylily Varieties 29

Moonlight Orchid comes with beautiful white and purple blooms that perfectly complement the rich purple-colored veins and a green throat.

50. Lady Lucille

‘Lady Lucille’ bursts into action in mid-to-late summer with deep orange blooms and yellow midribs.

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51. Common Orange Daylily

Best Daylily Varieties 30

The common orange daylily gained popularity as an ornamental plant in the late 19th century when it was first introduced in the United States.

52. Olympic Gold

You can choose to grow this variety of daylily if you are an athlete or a fan of the Olympics! The Olympic Gold has huge flowers during mid-summer in rich yellow shade.

53. Hold Your Horses

Best Daylily Varieties 32

This beautiful variety opens up its soft yellow-colored blooms that also have a beautiful burgundy mark on each petal.
54. Wayside King Royale
Wayside King Royale can grow up to a height of 30-36 inches and flowers can grow as long as 5-6 inches.

55. Susan Weber

Best Daylily Varieties 34

‘Susan Weber’ showcases a soft mix of white and pink frilled petals and a center in yellow-green color.

56. Oakes Love

With extra-long petals are initially found in shades of pinks and reds that slowly change into lime green at the center.

57. Royal Butterfly

Best Daylily Varieties 35

This variety blooms open up to 6-7 inches in shades of light, soft pink, and a center in lime-green.

58. Yasmin

This variety of Daylily features a beautiful light peach shade that changes to a yellow and green center.

59. Out of the Blue

Best Daylily Varieties 36
This variety is mostly known for its splash of multiple colors that the flowers could be found in. The petals transition from pink to light indigo.

60. Party Prince

This midsummer bloom in creamy white color and a dash of magenta on top of a bright, lime-green colored throat.

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61. Rosy Scenario 
Best Daylily Varieties 37

The Rosy Scenario daylily is a lovely flower in pink shade with a green throat and a dark pink eye.

62. Open Hearth

This variety is most popular because the blooms look like they have come ablaze with fierce red petals and a bright yellow fire center in midsummer.

63. Star of Fantasy

Best Daylily Varieties 39

This features lovely blooms that change from a burgundy shade to yellow. A must-have variety for any garden!

64. Peacock Alley

Best Daylily Varieties 40
With light purple petals and white edges, Peacock Alley can add charm to any garden.

65. Sweet Summer Heat

It showcases lovely petals in bright orange, frilled, and with an orange-yellow-colored throat.

66. Baronet’s Badge

Best Daylily Varieties 42
It has a unique color mix of lavender, cream, and yellow, making Baronet’s Badge a striking contrast in an all-pink garden.

67. Rosy Scenario

It features stunning petals in dark pink shades with a lime-green center and frilled white edges.

68. Wild One

Best Daylily Varieties 78
Wild One is one of the blooms you can show off in your flower garden collection because of its frilled flowers that come in brilliant orange and yellow shades!

69. Heavenly Hash

With beautiful cream-colored petals with frills, Heavenly Hash has light orange-colored veins and a bright green center.

70. Star Struck

Best Daylily Varieties 46
This is a late-blooming hybrid that was bred by Oakes Daylilies. Start Struck was also awarded an honor of 1988 All-America Selection.

71. Tutankhamun

This is an extraordinary variety with its exceptional fragrance, cheerful lilac and lime-colored blooms.

72. Stellar Double Rose

Best Daylily Varieties 99

Stellar Double Rose comes in a shade of red with white edges. The pleasantly fragrant flowers start blooming in early summer.

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