Growing Herbs In Tin Cans | 14 DIY Tin Can Herb Garden Ideas

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Growing Herbs in Tin Cans is the best way to recycle those empty, used cans. Check out our 14 best DIY Tin Can Herb Garden Ideas for inspiration!

1. Farmhouse Style Tin Can Herb Planters

These farmhouse style tin can herb planters are perfect for your kitchen windowsill or balcony shelves.

2. Cute Little Tin Can Herb Garden

Check out how this blogger made these cute little planters for growing herbs in tin cans here.

3. Tea Tin Herb Garden

Plant a tea tin herb garden with cork labels. The tutorial is here!

4. Kitchen Countertop Tin Can Herb Garden

If you receive sunlight near your kitchen countertop, it’s easy to create a Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden like this from tin cans. Get the tutorial here.

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5. Upcycled Tin Can Planters

Upcycle tin cans into appealing herb planters. Watch the tutorial video here.

6. Recycled Herb Planters and an Upcycled Wooden Ladder

Recycle tin cans you dump in the trash, get the full details for this project here.

7. Copper Tin Can Planters

The copper color is as gorgeous as gold, paint your ordinary tin cans with metallic spray paint and smart looking chalkboard tags to identify your herbs. Visit Homey Oh MY for more.

8. Metal Cans Herb Garden Wall

Take inspiration from this post to create a herb garden wall from metal cans.

9. Vertical Metal Can Garden

She attached metal buckets filled with faux plants to a cabinet door. You can do the same with your tin cans to grow your favorite herbs vertically. We found the idea here.

10. Outdoor Succulent Wall Accent (Bonus DIY)

Create a beautiful outdoor wall accent for your porch, deck or patio. You can plant herbs instead of succulents. The tutorial is here.

11. DIY Tin Planter for Herbs

This tutorial shows how to make a tin planter. Check it out here.

12. Tea Tin Herb Garden

Another tea tin herb garden DIY, perfect for your kitchen. We found the idea here.

13. Planting Herbs in Tin Cans

Use tin cans to start herb seeds. Visit Fresh Eggs Daily for the steps.

14. Herbs in Tin Cans

Empty tin cans of food items can be used to create rustic little planters. The instructions are here!

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