15 Apartment Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas you Must Look At!

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Here are some Apartment Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas you Must Look at if you want to make your balcony the most comfortable space.

Do you own a balcony and want to give it a classy makeover? We have compiled some Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas you Must Look at!

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Apartment Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas you Must Look at

1. Use Artificial Green Carpet or Turf Rug

Apartment Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas

Instead, of tiles, a simple floor and rug on it, use an artificial green carpet or turf rug imitating the lawn. You can also use wooden tiles for a better look, this will give a beautiful look to your balcony.

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2. Use Railing Planters

Along the railings install a shelf or hanging flower boxes outside to generate more space. This is great for people living in a studio and having a compact outer open space.

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3. Use Decorative Pots

Apartment Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas 2

On the balcony floor, use decorative pots. On a balcony garden, hanging baskets are compulsory too. You can grow flowers, herbs, and even tomatoes in hanging baskets.

4. Add Small Furniture

Place a small table with two chairs, so that in warm and favorable days, you can enjoy fresh air with your morning coffee or tea.

5. Add a Trellis for Climbing Plants

Apartment Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas 3

Create a small structure for support or buy a trellis for climbing plants. You can do it with wooden slats, or bent steel rods.

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6. Hang Shelves

If possible arrange an old shelf or something so that you can keep your pots on it, this will also create a lot of space.

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7. Decorate With Statue and Other Artifacts

Apartment Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas 4

Set design details such as a statue, lanterns or candlesticks or wall hanging colorful pictures. You can also add other garden accessories that will suit your small space.

8. Use Different Lights

Ensure adequate lighting for the night, in whatever color you like. Grow some night-scented flowering plants like nicotiana, stock, four o’clock, or night blooming jasmine too for fragrance.

9. Hang Mirrors

Apartment Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas 5

Hang mirrors along the balcony walls for an added appeal. You can also frame the mirrors with macrame, sea shells, or other decoratives of your choice.

10. Use a Bright and Vivid Color Scheme

Color scheme plays a vital role in boosting the curb appeal of a place. Use vivid furniture, bright mats, or simply color the wall in a bright shade to match the overall beauty of the place.

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11. Install a Swing

Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas 11

What can be a better place to work than a high-end balcony? Install a swing and work with peak productivity levels soaking in the morning sun and enjoying the evening breeze.

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12. Use a Bright Upholstery

A bright upholstery can take your decor game to the next level. Get a color that goes well with the wall shade and the vibe you want to create.

13. Add a Tall and Bold Statement Plant

Apartment Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas 13

Add a tall and bold plant to create a statement on your balcony. You can go for Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Plant, or Swiss Cheese for a lush tropical appeal.

14. Make a Small Herb Garden


Nothing can beat the joy of munching on home-grown organic herbs. Why not grow them on your balcony? Cultivate them in tiered shelves, tubs, or small pots for a handful of harvest.

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15. Introduce Glass Rails

Balcony Garden Decorating Ideas 15

Glass railings add a classy appeal to balconies. You can also display showy houseplants or flowers on edge for a tropical look.

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  1. Love your creativity! I am totally inspired by your work. These are the best ways to decorate balcony beautifully. Thanks and keep sharing.

  2. It sure is interesting to know that placing hanging baskets for your balcony can allow you to grow flowers and even tomatoes that is easily accessible to your home! My mother recently made the switch to a vegan diet. She has always been big on gardening, so I will be sure to share this tip with her so she can get the right hanging baskets where she can grow her very own tomatoes.


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