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Welcome to our profile dedicated to our Editorial Team, a skilled ensemble of passionate writers, editors, horticulturists, and home gardeners. Each of us brings unique experiences and areas of expertise to the table, united by the shared goal of providing you with the most relevant and engaging content on gardening and home topics.


  • Consists of experienced gardeners, editors, DIY enthusiasts, and professional writers.
  • High-quality, engaging content that resonates with a diverse readership.
  • An active social media presence with a strong community of followers.

Meet the Team

Suyash: A Master Gardener and Editorial and Strategy Director at BalconyGardenWeb, Suyash is an authority on balcony and small-space gardening with over 10 years of plant cultivation experience.

Raul Cornelius: A seasoned flower and herb grower and captivating public speaker.

Sheri Dorn: Known for her organic and heirloom gardening expertise, as well as culinary skills.

Sherin Woods: Your go-to source for all things DIY and garden design.

Ralph Astley: A wizard when it comes to houseplants and indoor gardening.

Admin (That’s Me!): A lifelong gardener specializing in succulents, houseplants, and bonsai, with a strong foundation in plant propagation.

Additional Editors: Our extended team includes proficient editors who excel in producing reader-friendly, highly informative content.

A Word from the Editorial Team

“Our aim is simple: to provide you with credible, useful, and inspiring content. Each member of our team brings their unique expertise and passion, making our collective output truly exceptional.”

Expertise & Interests

Our members are not just writers; we are gardeners, DIY enthusiasts, and educators. Our various backgrounds in horticulture, culinary arts, and content creation allow us to cover a broad range of topics that will delight and inform you.

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