5 Steps Balcony Garden Makeover

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Want to change the way your balcony look? Well, better late than never! Spruce it up with this 5 Steps Balcony Garden Makeover guide.

5 Steps Balcony Garden Makeover

It’s a sin if the balcony is your only outdoor space, and you usurp it to use as unintended storage, unofficial mudroom, or umpteen clothes drier. What’s amazing is you can transform it into a small paradise–A Balcony Garden, with these 5 Steps Balcony Garden Makeover guide!  

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Balcony Makeover in 5 Steps!

1. Declutter!

Most of the people have a habit of putting household stuff in the balcony that’s no longer of use. Stacks of broken furniture, a pile of magazines and newspapers, old clothes, and so on, the list is big. If you’ve been doing the same, it’s now the time to declutter all the unwanted things and revamp this outdoor space. Once you’re done, wash and clean everything thoroughly.

2. Plant Selection

5 Steps Balcony Garden Makeover 2

Selecting plants and plant pots is the most important aspect. But before you jump into the selection wagon, wait, and have a look at the orientation of your balcony. Is it South facing? If yes, then great! Choose sun-loving flowers to bring a riot of colors in your balcony. If your balcony doesn’t get sufficient sunlight, then don’t worry, opt for shade-loving plants.

Your plant selection depends on the type of balcony garden you want to make. Want to grow vegetables? Or low care succulents? If you want to grow plants on railings, this article will come in handy. Also, if you want more options, have a look at our article on how to choose the best plants for the balcony here.

3. The Color Scheme

When was the last time you painted your balcony? Quite a long, right? Well, it’s time to paint it again. Make sure the colors you select give a contrasting backdrop to flowers and foliage of the balcony plants. It’ll surely turn your balcony into a beautiful garden paradise!

Make sure to select neutral colors for walls and reduce the boredom with furniture, plants, cushions, and throws. And yes! Don’t forget to add accessories like lanterns, figurines, and candles to enhance the color effect with the atmospheric lighting at night. Check out these DIY head planter ideas for your balcony!

4. Must Grow Herbs

5 Steps Balcony Garden Makeover 3

No matter what you are growing in your balcony, always give space to your favorite herbs. Not only these plants are easy to grow but they also take less space. Planting herbs is also a great idea for the fact that they’ll give you a fresh harvest for the kitchen. Parsley, basil, cilantro, chives, or rosemary are some of the best options. Grow herbs that you use most in your food.

5. Do it Yourself

Do it yourself projects not just save money but also give joy. Instead of buying, you can create your own vertical garden, or make cute tiny planters. If you are planning to grow succulents, you can make planters for them easily too! You can even make it a place for the barbeque or how about a balcony kitchen, a balcony bar is also an option. If you think creatively, the possibilities are endless!

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