17 Ingenious DIY Vertical Ladder Planter Ideas For Container Gardeners

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Multiply your container gardening space by growing plants vertically on a ladder. Try one of these DIY Ladder Planter or Ladder Plant Stand Ideas available with plans and tutorials!

17 ingenious ladder planter and plant stand ideas with Plans and Tutorials to create a lot of vertical growing space for container gardeners.

1. Tiered Ladder Garden

Create this tiered ladder plant stand using a worn-out ladder and a few wooden planks. Get more information about it at Love & Renovations.

2. Ladder Vertical Garden

DIY Ladder Planters

Customize your front door area in an inexpensive way. DIY this simple but functional ladder vertical garden using the step-by-step tutorial available here.

3. Verticle Step-Ladder Garden


What an ingenious idea to make use of frayed step ladder. To learn everything about this step ladder garden, click here!

4. DIY Cedar Ladder Planter

DIY Cedar Ladder Planter

Build this cedar ladder planter to add more gardening space to your urban garden! Learn everything in detail about this project at Black and Decker.

5. Ladder Trellis

Provide support to the climbers by using a metallic or wooden ladder. Get more information on how to use a ladder as garden trellis at TreeHugger.

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6. Ladder Herb Garden

Ladder planter idea

Transform a ladder into this beautiful and bountiful herb garden for your urban home, following the instructions available at the Moderate Home.

7. DIY Ladder Planter

DIY Ladder Planter

Create a lot of vertical space by copying this basic DIY ladder planter idea. Take help of the tutorial available at the Good House Keeping.

8. Vintage Drawer Ladder Planter

Re-purpose matured drawers and an old ladder to replicate this vintage cottage style ladder planter. Find the necessary DIY steps here!

9. Sawhorse Bookcase Plant Stand

 Ladder Plant Stand Ideas

Build this sawhorse bookcase plant stand using not more than 3 tools. Keep it in any room, balcony or patio or use it in your garden. Watch the video tutorial here.

10. Outdoor Garden Decor

 Ladder Planter idea diy

Use a ladder to showcase plants in your garden, place planters on it or any other decorative garden items.

11. Ladder Plant Stand

Ladder Plant Stand

Construct this ladder plant stand for your small garden to grow vegetables by following the tutorial available at the Instructables!

12. Old Ladder Plant Holder

Recycle old ladder, tins cans in a beautiful way to hang planters using spoons and forks. Find the DIY guide here!

13. Planter Box Ladder

For an easy patio makeover, build this ladder planter. It has in-built planter boxes. Check out the step by step tutorial at the Home Depot.

14. DIY Ladder Made from Branches

This is interesting and unique, a ladder made from branches and used to hang buckets. Reapply this concept indoors or outdoors by following the tutorial available at the Ashbee Designs!

15. Upcycled Ladder Planter

Hang an unused ladder horizontally and fix pots on it as the way it described in this DIY tutorial.

16. $10 Tiered Flower Planter or Herb Garden Ladder

It’s cheap, and it’s functional, a perfect DIY vertical gardening project to follow. Find the tutorial at AnaWhite.com.

17. Vertical Ladder Vegetable Garden

Grow vegetables vertically in your urban-dwelling by creating this ladder vegetable garden. We found this smart idea here.

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