24 DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouse Ideas For Winter & Early Spring

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These DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses can help you a lot in growing houseplants, herbs, and seedlings in winter and early spring!

Here are some nifty DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses that are perfect for small spaces to grow your favorite houseplants without worrying about the cold!

Learn to make a greenhouse for the tender seedlings like here

Beautiful DIY Mini Indoor Greenhouses

1. Gold Painted Mini Indoor Greenhouse

mini indoor greenhouse ideasTania from Run to Radiance shows how to make this good-looking gold-painted mini indoor greenhouse. A nice project for limited-space gardeners! You can start your seeds in it or keep your indoor plants.

2. Egg Carton Greenhouse

This egg carton greenhouse is the next best gardening project to involve your kids in spring. Seeds will germinate quickly, and the best part is cardboard egg cartons are biodegradable.

Separate the cartons, poke holes in the bottoms and directly plant the seedlings.

3. Plastic Container Mini Greenhouse

Transform a clear plastic container into a mini indoor greenhouse to start your seeds indoors. This website here has all the details!

4. Affordable Mini Greenhouses

If you’re looking for an affordable way to start seeds for your balcony garden, use plastic containers like these as affordable mini greenhouses. This blog here has the tutorial.

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5. DIY Grow Light Shelves

This is a nice indoor seed starter project that can prevent leggy indoor seedlings. Turn an Ikea shelving unit into a grow light seed starting shelving with the instructions available here!

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6. Mini Indoor Greenhouse from Dollar Store Photo Frames

Make a mini indoor greenhouse terrarium using a picture frame to keep your finicky houseplants happy. The step-by-step tutorial is here!

7. No Budget Windowsill Greenhouse

diy mini indoor greenhouse

Make this no-budget windowsill greenhouse to make seed germination easier from free-of-cost items. It’ll help in increasing the temperature and humidity of young plants. Check out the tutorial at Instructables!

8. Budget-Friendly Indoor Greenhouse

diy mini indoor greenhouse

Call it a terrarium or mini greenhouse, your choice–you can make it from old picture frames. The Country Living has a great tutorial on it.

9. Mini Indoor Greenhouse for Seedlings

Young plants and seedlings are very fuzzy about temperature. Keep them in a constant environment with the help of this mini greenhouse. The tutorial is here.

10. Small Greenhouse from Storm Windows

She got 3 storm windows of similar size and decided to make a small greenhouse with them using other recyclable materials. The plan and directions are available here.

11. Indoor Greenhouse with a Light Fixture

If those tropical plants are suffering in your cool climate apartment, try to make this mini indoor greenhouse with a light fixture.

12. LED Greenhouse

Make an indoor greenhouse equipped with blue LED light. The tutorial is available at Instructables.

13. CD Case Greenhouse

This mini greenhouse is a great craft project and requires some DIY skills. It’s made from old CD cases. If you can find some and have interest in making one for yourself, check out this link.

14. Hexagonal Greenhouse

An old curio cabinet was turned into a hexagonal greenhouse, which has hexagonal, or you can say honeycomb patterns. Everything about this project is available at Not Just a Housewife!

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15. DIY Countertop Greenhouse

If you want to keep your herbs growing in winter or looking to start seeds in early spring, give a try to this countertop greenhouse project. The tutorial is here!

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16. DIY PVC Pipe Greenhouse

This greenhouse shelving idea is perfect if you have a dedicated space near a sunny window. Arrange a few PVC pipes and build an indoor greenhouse structure following the tutorial.

17. Indoor Greenhouse Shelf With Light

Do you have an old cabinet that’s no longer meeting the aesthetics of your place? Repurpose it to create an indoor greenhouse shelf. Install grow lights or LED strips to aid plant growth.

18. Indoor Greenhouse Using Plastic Sheets

Protect the tender bulbs and plants from the extreme cold with a mini indoor greenhouse made with a plastic sheet covering. Use an external light source to provide warmth. Watch the tutorial here.

19. Mini Greenhouse Terrarium

A mini greenhouse terrarium is a cool option if you want to build a mini greenhouse for your plants. Follow the detailed steps here.

Look at some fantastic closed terrarium ideas here

20. Budget-Friendly Dollar Store Greenhouse

You need not spend huge bucks creating a greenhouse for your green buddies. Make one using dollar store utilities, as shown in the tutorial.

21. Pop Bottle Mini Greenhouse

Pop bottles come in handy in every household and can make for fantastic mini greenhouses. Gather a few coke or soda bottles and cut them to make these plant houses.

Make clever edible gardens using plastic bottles here

22. DIY Indoor Plant House Using Food Wrap

This simple DIY mini indoor greenhouse idea will keep the plants warm, fulfill their humidity needs, and reduce environmental stress. Make this using food wraps and other supplies mentioned here.

23. Mini Greenhouse Using Umbrella

Do not let the chilling weather stop you from starting new plants for your garden. Instead, turn the pots into mini greenhouses following this tutorial.

24. DIY Greenhouse for Small Plants

Transform bunnets, fruit boxes, or literally any transparent container into a mini greenhouse taking inspiration from this tutorial. This idea is suitable for germinating seeds and tending small saplings.

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  1. Start the seeds indoors under grow-lights in early spring, moving them to the garden six weeks later. These plants take awhile to grow and produce a crop so plant them in good soil where they’ll receive plenty of sun and be patient. Harvest the gorgeous flowerbuds as they sprout to keep production going. When the cold weather arrives in autumn, cover plants with a mini hoop tunnel or mulch deeply with straw. In spring the plants should send out more flower shoots to harvest, and if you’re lucky, continue to produce for months. If the plants are still growing strong the following autumn, protect them again for winter.  


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