12 Space Saver DIY Herb Tower Ideas To Grow A Lot In Less Space!

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Grow all your favorite culinary herbs together in a small space by trying one of these DIY Herb Tower Ideas! Grow more in less space!

Don’t let the lack of space in your home stop you from growing herbs. Here are some really helpful DIY Herb Tower Ideas you can use to grow your favorite ones!

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DIY Herb Tower Ideas

1. Tower of Herbs

Space Saver DIY Herb Tower Ideas

Adorn any dull area with an interesting vertical herb tower like this. Visit The Martha Stewart to know the steps.

Learn how to grow marjoram in pots here

2. How to Build a Herb Tower

diy herb tower ideas

Build a herb tower out of five planter pots, potting soil, and herbs of your choice. Visit Running in a Skirt for the tutorial post.

3. DIY Vertical Herb Planter
Space Saver DIY Herb Tower

With a little bit of creativity, you can personalize any vertical herb tower to look extraordinary! Find this idea here.

Growing rosemary is not difficult if you know these tips here

4. DIY Stacked Herb Garden

Herb Tower DIY

Mint, basil, parsley, cilantro, or any other culinary herbs you love to eat–Grow all of them together in a herb tower planter like this. The tutorial is here.

5. Corner Herb Tower Garden

Instead of terracotta pots, you can use galvanized buckets to create a herb tower. Visit the vintage Wren for a detailed article.

6. Stacked Pot Herb Garden

Make this stacked pot herb garden to save space and grow more. Get the tutorial here.

Check out these sweet basil care tips here

7. Tiered Terracotta Tower

This plantation tower was made using terracotta pots, saucers, and dowel rods. Here are the details.

8. Herb Garden Tower

 DIY Herb Tower Idea

Follow this tutorial to learn how to create a planter pot tower to grow a variety of herbs in little to no space.

9. DIY Vertical Herb Planter

Make this space-saver vertical herb planter for your porch or balcony garden. The steps are available at Grace and Good Eats.

10. Herb Tower Pots

This herb tower is nothing but pots stacked on top of another. Read the story behind it and how to maintain it on Cottage and Vine.

11. Balcony Herb Tower

A sturdy stake is all you need to grow your favorite herbs in a balcony or patio. Details are here.

See this to make a balcony herb garden

12. Container Tower Herb Garden

Make an aromatic herb tower by stacking up multiple pots together. Here’s how you can do it easily.

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  1. Marvelous post about all the different ways on how to build herb towers for your garden. I am so glad that I was able to read this post. It gave me some wonderful ideas that I want to implement soon. Thanks so much for sharing!


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