How to Create a Balcony Succulent Garden

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Succulents are all the rage these days. So, how about creating low maintenance and trendy Balcony Succulent Garden? It’s easy!

People love to grow flowers, ferns, herbs, vegetables, sometimes fruits like lemon and strawberries in containers. Not many people decide to create a succulent container garden, but if you’re in those few people who want to dedicate their space to grow these incredible plants, this post is for you.

You can also grow other sun-loving plants like geraniums with succulents

Have a look at the stunning indoor succulent garden pictures here

Why Should You Grow a Balcony Succulent Garden?

  • Because they’re low maintenance–Growing other plants is difficult, but anybody can grow succulents. They thrive in neglect!
  • If you’re a busy person–Succulents are drought tolerant plants, which means you don’t have to water them regularly. Also, they’ve low fertilizer requirements.
  • If you kill plants often–Just don’t overwater these plants, provide good air circulation and sunlight and they’ll keep thriving.
  • To give a modern look–Succulents are contemporary plants. Grow them to provide a stylish touch to your balcony, patio or porch.
  • They increase curb appeal–Many plant growers and landscapers believe that succulents enhance the curb appeal.

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Where to Begin?

Cactus plants on a balcony railing

It’s simple! You’ll need to make a plan and note the rough details of your balcony. Write a few questions and then observe. For example, how many hours of direct sunlight you get there, what is the direction of your balcony, etc.

If you’ve got a balcony that remains shady and very dark, without a trace of even bright indirect sunlight–Cancel this plan. However, some succulents grow in the shade, but they also need all day long indirect light. So, if your balcony falls into this category, grow shade-tolerant succulents like the snake plant, ponytail palm, this list has more such plants.

If you’re fortunate enough and has a balcony or patio that gets part sun to full sun, you can grow almost all types of succulents. Learn to make a succulent dish garden here.

It Doesn’t Mean to Be Boring

Assorted succulents in a balcony

The intricate textures, shapes, and colors of foliage and various sizes make succulent and cacti, the most interesting types of plants. You can experiment with them. There are even succulents that flower, one such list is here. Moreover, you can plant succulents that are edible. Dragon fruit is a cactus, which you can grow easily in containers.

Use the Vertical SpaceHow to create a balcony succulent garden

By growing succulents vertically, you’ll be able to unlock the extra space, which was of no use. Hang small to medium sized pots on the walls and balcony railings. You can also place a ladder or bookshelf and place pots in it. Here’re a few vertical garden ideas for balcony.

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Vary Plant Height

If you keep the pots of similar size, your balcony succulent garden will look dull. Don’t play simple, vary the height of planters using plant stands and containers of different height. Give space to at least one large potted succulent plant to create visual interest in your balcony. There’re many tall succulent species like agave, candelabra cactus, yucca.

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Be Creative

Don’t just grow a few aloes, hen and chicks, and jade plants. Must hang a couple of hanging baskets as succulents spilling down from the pots will create a good show. Find out 20 such plants here.

The main advantage of growing succulents is you can plant them in unique DIY planters–driftwoods, teapots, mason jars, toys, bird cages, and even picture frames. Take inspiration from this article and be creative.

For a successful balcony succulent garden, must check out our succulent growing tips here.

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  1. I have a small balcony. What can I use to make it full with low maintenance? Tried zonal geraniums but flowers bled onto concrete staining. Thank you.


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