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Here are some inspirational Balcony Furniture Ideas to give the open space in your apartment a fantastic makeover!

Even a small balcony can be arranged to meet all your needs – in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Choose the right furniture with these Balcony Furniture Ideas that provide style without compromising comfort.

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Balcony Furniture Ideas

1. A Railing Shelf with Two Bar Stools

Balcony Furniture Ideas 1

Save some space with a railing shelf for your balcony and pair it with two barstools for a great and Functional Balcony Furniture Idea.

2. Relaxing Furniture and a Living Wall


Add a relaxing couch and two chairs to the balcony with a ceramic table for relaxing. A small dining table next to a living wall will further uplift the beauty of this idea.

3. Railing Mounted Wooden Shelf with Movable Chairs

Balcony Furniture Ideas 2

Add a railing-mounted wooden shelf to a small balcony and pair it with movable chairs to make the most of the space. You can also add a large pallet wood stool and adorn it with a long cushion or mattress for a cozy chilling place.

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4. Cane Furniture in a Compact Balcony


An amazing Balcony Furniture Idea is adding a cane couch and chair to a compact balcony and adding wall hangers and planters with string lights to light up your evenings.

5. A Pair of Relaxing White Chairs

Balcony Furniture Ideas 3

This pair of relaxing white chairs with a small table goes perfectly with the various white pots on the balcony.

6. Leather Chairs with a Corner Swing


A pair of leather chairs, a wooden center table, and a corner swing next to a plant shelf. What more could a beautiful balcony need?

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7. Hammock with Low Rise Stool and Table

Balcony Furniture Ideas 4

Pair a hammock with a low-rise stool and table and surround it with hanging baskets and huge jute planters for an amazing balcony.

8. A Relaxing Low-Lying Bed


Add a relaxing low-lying pallet wood bed to the balcony with a round table, string lights, and white planters with this amazing Balcony Furniture Idea.

9. Cabinet Bench with Planters

Balcony Furniture Ideas 5

A glass table with white blooms, two chairs, a cabinet bench with cushions, and wall planters can spruce up any balcony with their charm.

10. Pallet Wall with Integrated Bench

This wooden pallet wall with an integrated bench for the balcony is perfect for gardening enthusiasts who love to enjoy the foliage they nourish.

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11. A Wooden Low Lying Couch with a Stubby Black Stool

Balcony Furniture Ideas 6

This low-lying couch made of pallet wood, a stubby black stool, and jute wall art is one of the best Balcony Furniture Ideas for small balconies.

12. Black Chairs and a Golden Table


A pair of black chairs and a golden table, a timeless color combination perfect for any balcony furniture.

13. Laid Back Furniture with High Rise Plant Stands

Balcony Furniture Ideas 7

An amazing balcony with a set of two chairs and a small table paired with high-rise plant stands with square monochrome pots.

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14. Hanging Cane Wood Swing with Iron Chairs


A large hanging cane wood swing, metal chairs, and multiple planters can do wonders for any balcony.

15. Pink Balcony Furniture!

Balcony Furniture Ideas 8

An eye-catching balcony furniture idea with pink metal chairs, a center table, walls, and a large cactus.

16. Large Wooden Table with Chairs

This large wooden table with chairs on the balcony idea is perfect for those who love having breakfast in the morning sun.

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17. Yellow Relaxing Chair with Wall Cabinets

Balcony Furniture Ideas 9

A vibrant yellow yolk chair and wall cabinets with wooden planters and bookshelves is a stunning balcony furniture idea.

18. Recliner Chair for a Compact Balcony

Add a recliner chair and a wooden side table to a small balcony and witness how it becomes your favorite place at home.

19. Mini Red Metal Couch and Table with Rolling Cabinet for Plants

Balcony Furniture Ideas 10

A mini red table and couch with a bright blue rolling cabinet for plants is a beautiful combination for modern balcony furniture.

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20. A Small White Chair on a Narrow Balcony

A simple and beautiful Balcony Furniture Idea with a white chair complementing the wall-hanging plants and string lights on the ceiling.

21. Yellow Folding Chairs to Save up Space

Balcony Furniture Ideas 25

Save your balcony space with these amazing yellow foldable chairs and table that can fit on any balcony.

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22. Pallet Bed on a Studio Balcony

Balcony Furniture Ideas 36

Add a pallet bed and jute planters to the balcony and see how it becomes your favorite spot at home.

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25. Two Folding Wooden Chairs on a Balcony


Add a colorful floor mat and light the balcony up with miniature lamps for a stunning Balcony that will uplift any mood.

27. Wooden Square Bench on a Compact Balcony


Add a long bench to the balcony for storage that can accommodate multiple people. It is also perfect for lying down after a long day.

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28. A Corner Cane Couch on a Balcony with a Lane View

Balcony Furniture Ideas 65

Love the scent of candles? Utilize the balcony space for a cozy sitting surrounded by candle containers and lanterns for lovely and fragrant evenings.

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29. Foldable Wooden Chair and Table

Love reading alone? This foldable wooden chair and table set is perfect for converting the balcony into a new reading space.

30. Stubby White Chairs and a Small Round Table

Adorn the balcony with these beautiful and comfy white chairs and a small round table that blends with other white planters and complements green foliage.

31. A Couch and Center Table

Go bold and dark with this beautiful couch and center table balcony furniture that uplifts the black and white planters. You can also add lanterns for light if you want to spend late evenings here.

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32. Red Metal Table, Chairs, and a Railing Shelf for Pot

This Balcony Furniture Idea with metal chairs, a hanging table, and a railing shelf is perfect for sprucing up any balcony.

33. Grey Metal Chairs and Hanging Table

These grey metal chairs and a small hanging table go perfectly with the floor in this monochromatic balcony idea.

34. A Pair of Wooden Chairs, a Round Table, and a Wooden Bench

A gorgeous Balcony Furniture Idea with wooden chairs surrounding a small round table and a large fixed wooden bench to hold your favorite plants or accommodate guests.

35. Foldable Wooden Chair with Round Table

Beautiful terrace or balcony with small table, chair and flowers

This foldable wooden chair and table combo are perfect for tight balconies so you can sit and enjoy an evening near beautiful flowers.

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