13 Incredible Romantic Balcony Ideas

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13 ideas to create an Incredible Romantic Balcony Garden in your urban home that fill your life with romance, love, and happiness.

1. Grow Red Flowers

Red is the color of love, and growing red flowers in your romantic balcony garden is a must.

2. Candles, Candles, Candles…

13 ideas to create an Incredible Romantic Balcony Garden in your urban home that fill your life with romance, love, and happiness.

One of the most influential romantic balcony ideas–Light up a lot of candles. Give place to scented candles too, the best scents to spark a romantic mood are Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Orange, and Vanilla. You can also make your own scented candles, the DIY is here.

A Tip: You can also use essential oil diffusers to fill your balcony with the aroma of your favorite essential oil.

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3. Light up Your Balcony

Image Credit: IKEA

Make your balcony the most beautiful and relaxing place of your home, after the evening. Decorate with a lot of fairy lights! Also, make this willow heart by wrapping the lights around the willow wood. See more balcony lighting ideas here.

4. Grow Roses

Without roses, you can’t create an ambiance of love on your balcony. Give this most loving shrub a place, for help, check out this article.

A Tip: Not just the roses, you can also grow other fragrant flowers like jasmine, here’s a big list of them.

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5. Quality Time after a Long Tiring Day

How to Create a Romantic Balcony Garden

Drape string lights on your balcony railings, and decorate the table to create a restaurant-like appearance in your small balcony. Grow your favorite flowers, like geraniums in this balcony.

6. Take Care of Privacy

Save your excellent Be-With-You time from the prying eyes by setting up a privacy screen. You can check out balcony privacy ideas here and here.

7. Enjoy the Sunrise

Romantic Balcony Ideas

If you’ve got the most scenic balcony, nothing could be better than enjoying the warm sunrises and a hot cup of coffee with your bae.

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8. How About Heart-Shaped Plants

It’s an amazing idea to grow heart-shaped plants on a romantic balcony. We have a list here to help you find your favorite one.

9. Creative Decoration

Romantic Balcony Ideas

Use wine glasses as candle holders–A creative decoration like this sets up the mood.

10. Create a Balcony Bar

Credit: Overstock

It’s a fresh idea, which is getting popular these days. Add a bar top to your balcony railing and a couple of bar stools. One of its kind of DIY is here.

11. Grow Lots of Plants

If your bae is a plant lover, create a perfect space like this where both of you can sit and relax and talk about life. Take inspiration from here.

12. Red & Pink are the Color of Love

According to science, colors evoke feelings of happiness and positivity. Certain colors like pink and red make you romantic so that they can be a great addition to your romantic balcony garden. Whether you add a few pink flowering plants or a cushion of red color, your choice.

13. Embrace the Nature

Nothing is better if your balcony or deck is covered with plants and trees. A calm and composed atmosphere often helps in setting the mood.

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