31 Fantastic Whiskey Barrel Planters Ideas

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If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching way to display your plants, look no further than these Whiskey Barrel Planters Ideas.

These rustic planters add a touch of country charm to any garden or patio and are surprisingly easy to make. In this article, we’ll share some Whiskey Barrel Planters Ideas and show you How To Make a Whiskey Barrel Planter.

Whiskey Barrel Planter Ideas

1. Annual Planter

Whiskey Barrel Planters

First, always go with annuals like petunias, geraniums, and begonias – as they can be a great choice for whiskey barrel planters. They also add a pop of color and are easy to care for.

2. Barrage of Barrel Planter

Line up several whiskey barrel planters side by side to create a barrage of barrels. Grow different types of plants in each barrel to create a colorful and varied display.

3. Climbing Rose

Whiskey Barrel Planters 3

A climbing rose can add a touch of romance and elegance to your outdoor space, especially in your whiskey barrel planter.

To grow a climbing rose in a whiskey barrel planter, make sure to choose a variety that is suitable for container growing and provide a trellis or support for the plant to climb on.

Here is how to create a Small Rose Garden.

4. Fairy Garden

You can also create a fairy garden in your whiskey barrel planter. Add miniature accessories like fairy houses, bridges, and benches, and plant small flowers like pansies or miniature roses.

Check out DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas here

5. Fall Planter

Whiskey Barrel Planters 5

Create a fall planter using a whiskey barrel for a seasonal display. Plant fall-blooming plants like chrysanthemums, asters, and ornamental kale.

6. Flower Planter

Use a whiskey barrel planter to display your favorite flowers. You can plant a mix of colorful annuals or create a more prominent display with perennials.

7. Foliage Garden

Whiskey Barrel Planters 7

Focus on foliage rather than flowers, consider planting a foliage garden in your whiskey barrel planter. Choose plants with interesting textures and colors, like ferns, hostas, and coleus, for a textured display.

8. Herb Garden

Start an herb garden, just fill the planter with soil and plant your favorite herbs, such as basil, thyme, and rosemary.

Not only will this look beautiful, but you’ll also have fresh herbs on hand for all of your cooking needs.

9. Mix Herbs and Veggies Garden

Whiskey Barrel Planters 9

One of the great things about a whiskey barrel planter is that it can be used to create a mix of herbs and vegetables in the same container.

This can be a great way to maximize space and ensure that you have a variety of fresh produce on hand.

10. Moss Planter

Prepare a moss planter using a whiskey barrel for a natural look. Cover the barrel in moss and plant shade-loving plants like ferns and hostas.

11. Multi-Level Planter

Whiskey Barrel Planters 11

For a more complex display, consider creating a multi-level planter using several whiskey barrels of varying sizes. You can plant different types of plants in each barrel to create a visually interesting display.

12. Perennial Planter

If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, consider planting perennials in your whiskey barrel planter. Plants like daylilies, hostas, and coneflowers will come back year after year, providing a beautiful display without the need for replanting.

13. Planter with Inserted Bird House

Whiskey Barrel Planters 13

For a nature-inspired display, consider creating a planter with an inserted birdhouse using a whiskey barrel. You can attach a birdhouse to the top of the barrel or create a small hole in the side of the barrel and insert a birdhouse for a charming display.

Here are the Best DIY Birdhouse Ideas With Plans And Tutorials

14. Salad Garden

For a fresh and healthy display, consider planting a salad garden in your whiskey barrel planter.

Choose a variety of lettuces and other greens, like arugula and spinach, and add colorful vegetables like radishes, cherry tomatoes, and peppers to create a delicious and visually appealing display.

Learn how to grow a salad garden here.

15. Salsa Garden

Whiskey Barrel Planters 15

If you love fresh salsa, why not create a salsa garden in your whiskey barrel planter? Plant tomatoes, peppers, and herbs like cilantro and parsley to create a bountiful harvest that you can enjoy all summer.

16. For Fruit Tree


If you want to grow a small fruit tree, such as a dwarf citrus or apple tree, a whiskey barrel planter can be a great choice.

Just make sure to choose a variety that is suitable for container growing and plant it in a potting mix that is specifically formulated for fruit trees.

Short on space? Here are Dwarf Fruit Trees Under 6 Feet

17. For Shade Loving Plants

Whiskey Barrel Planters 17

If you have a shady spot in your garden, a whiskey barrel planter can be the perfect way to add some color and interest.

Choose shade-loving plants like ferns, hostas, and impatiens to create a lush and inviting display.

Here are the Best Perennials for Shade That Bloom all Summer

18. Spill Garden

If you love the look of plants spilling over the sides of a planter, consider creating a spill garden in your whiskey barrel planter.

Plant trailing varieties like petunias, lobelia, and verbena around the edge of the barrel and watch as they spill over the sides in a beautiful cascade of color.

19. Succulent Garden

Whiskey Barrel Planters 19

For a low-maintenance yet stunning display, consider creating a succulent garden in your whiskey barrel planter.

Succulents come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and they’re perfect for adding a touch of desert-inspired style to your outdoor space.

Look at some of the trendiest Balcony Succulent Garden Ideas here!

20. Sunny Spot Planter

If you have a sunny spot in your garden, a whiskey barrel planter can be the perfect place to grow sun-loving plants like marigolds, zinnias, and sunflowers.

Just make sure to choose a potting mix that will hold moisture well, as whiskey barrels can dry out quickly in the sun.

Check out the Best Flowers for Full Sun here

21. As a Mini Planter

Whiskey Barrel Planters 21

For a whimsical touch, consider creating a teacup planter using a whiskey barrel. Cut teacups in half and glue them to the side of the barrel, then plant small flowers or herbs in each cup.

Here are Overly Cute DIY Mini Planters for Succulents

22. Tiered Planter

For a more structured look, consider creating a tiered planter using several whiskey barrels of the same size.

Stack the barrels on top of each other, filling each with potting soil and plants to create a tiered display that will add height and interest to your garden.

23. Tipped Planter

Whiskey Barrel Planters 23

For a unique and playful display, consider using a whiskey barrel planter as a tipped planter. You can tip the barrel on its side and plant trailing plants like sweet potato vine or ivy to create a cascading effect.

24. For Trailing Flowers

Trailing plants, such as petunias, sweet potato vines, or ivy, can add a lovely cascading effect to your whiskey barrel planter.

Choose plants that are suitable for container growing and provide adequate support and space for the plants to spread out.

Here is the list of Best Trailing Foliage Plants.

25. Train Garden

Whiskey Barrel Planters 25

For a fun and unique display, consider using a series of whiskey barrel planters to create a train planter.

Plant a different type of plant in each barrel to create a colorful and diverse display. To complete the look, you can even add miniature train accessories, like a conductor’s hat or a train whistle.

26. Tumbling Planter

For a whimsical look, consider creating a tumbling planter using a whiskey barrel. Plant trailing plants like petunias or lobelia around the edges of the barrel and let them spill over the sides for a cascading effect.

27. Using a Half Whiskey Planter Barrel

Whiskey Barrel Planters 27

If you don’t have a full whiskey barrel, you can still create a planter by using a half barrel. This can be a great option for smaller spaces, like balconies or patios.

Simply fill the barrel with potting soil and plant your chosen plants.

28. Using Tall Plants as a Center Piece

If you’re looking to add height to your garden, consider planting tall plants like sunflowers or ornamental grasses in the center of your whiskey barrel planter.

Surround them with smaller plants to create a full and lush display.

Here are DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces

29. For Vegetables

Whiskey Barrel Planters 29

If you’re short on space but still want to grow your own vegetables, a whiskey barrel planter is the perfect solution.

You can plant a variety of vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, in the same planter. Just make sure to choose plants that have similar growing requirements.

Here are Easy Container Vegetables for Balcony & Rooftop Garden

30. Vertical Planter

If you’re short on space, consider creating a vertical planter using a whiskey barrel. You can attach a trellis or support to the barrel and plant climbing vines like morning glories or clematis to create a stunning display.

Check out these Urban Vertical Gardening Ideas For Small Spaces

31. Whiskey Planter with Lights

Whiskey Barrel Planters 31

To add a bit of ambiance to your outdoor space, consider adding lights to your whiskey barrel planter. You can either attach string fairy lights around the planter or create a custom lighting feature by drilling holes in the barrel and inserting lights.

Here’re some ideas for balcony garden containers.

How to Make a Whiskey Barrel Planter

Now that you have some ideas for what to plant and different ways to bring excitement to your whiskey barrel planter. Let’s take a look at how to make one.

Materials Required

  • Whiskey barrel
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Potting soil
  • Plants


  1. First, you’ll need to choose your whiskey barrel. You can either purchase one new or repurpose an old one.
  2. Next, use a drill to make drainage holes in the bottom of the barrel. This will ensure that excess water can drain out and prevent your plants from getting waterlogged.
  3. If your barrel has metal bands around it, you’ll need to remove them before proceeding. Use a saw to cut through the bands and remove them carefully.
  4. Fill the barrel with potting soil, leaving about an inch of space at the top.
  5. Plant your chosen plants in the soil, making sure to space them out evenly.
  6. Water your plants thoroughly and place your whiskey barrel planter in a sunny spot (if you’re choosing plants that love the sun).
  7. Now, the fun part comes, you can either paint the barrel or keep it as it is for a rustic look. You can also add artifacts if you want to give the planter a theme.

Learn about the Best DIY Wine Barrel Planter Ideas here

And that’s it! With just a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful and functional whiskey barrel planter that will add charm and personality to any outdoor space. So grab a barrel, get creative, and start planting!

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