Our Programming

Coach House workouts are intelligently designed to be efficient and safe. Regardless of participation in classes or personal training our coaches are there to give personalized, instant feedback to help you link your mind and body, resulting in effective strength and conditioning training.

Every movement that we build into a session, from the specific mobility warm ups to activation exercises, build towards a complete full-body strength workout.

What to expect?

Our Strength & Conditioning cycle’s are 6 weeks long. You’ll get the opportunity to record baseline compound lifts, conditioning capacity challenges and progressively work on those modalities over the following 5 weeks, before retesting.

A Coach House session is made up of five parts. A specific mobility and activation warmup followed by two heavy strength sets and topped off with some conditioning. Expect movements such as deadlifts, squats, pressing, pulling and accessory movements to challenge your movement patterns and push you out of your comfort zone. Our efficient sessions are 50 minutes in length to maximize your time.

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Looking for that extra piece of accountability, an eye for detail or just want to workout alone? Then our personal training is for you. Our coaches all have Exercise Science Degrees and years of experience to help you, regardless of your fitness levels and goals.

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Sick of feeling like just another number in group classes? Our small group training sessions are capped at 4 people, ensuring support and motivation for the whole 50mins. Did we also mention how affordable it is? We want to help as many people in our community as possible ‘train for life’, feel safe and also increase their understanding of what training and movement means to them, day in day out.