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We’ve bought the Best Herbs that Attract Money, which you can use to bring prosperity and abundance to your home.

We will walk you through the Best Herbs That Attract Money and Prosperity. These Herbs are not only famous for bringing good luck to homes but also playing a vital role in directing the natural flow of positive energy and purifying the environment. Herbs drive away negative energy and connect us to nature, offering therapeutic benefits.

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Best Herbs that Attract Money 

1. Patchouli

Best Herbs that Attract Money 1

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Patchouli has an earthy scent and is a herb that attracts money and prosperity. Many people believe it’s a potent herb that can help achieve financial success in life. It also draws in abundance – making this a popular herb for rituals and spells for attracting money.

You can grow this herb in well-draining soil where it gets full to partial sun exposure.

2. Nettle

Best Herbs that Attract Money  2

Botanical Name: Urtica dioica

Nettle has an invigorating essence that actively invites money and prosperity. It’s said to have dynamic properties that stimulate financial success and abundance. If you have seen a money-drawing ritual, you must have seen the use of Nettle.

You can use the effective energy of these herbs for abundance and to manifest financial well-being and stability in life.

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3. Alfalfa

Best Herbs that Attract Money 3

Botanical Name: Medicago sativa

Alfalfas are herbs for wealth that have been used since old times for prosperity and financial success. There is obviously no scientific evidence behind its use for money, but that hasn’t stopped the people.

Why don’t you give this a try and see for yourselves how it impacts your life?

4. Devil’s Shoestring

Best Herbs that Attract Money  4

Botanical Name: Nolina lindheimeriana

This one holds a high reputation as a good luck charm and is prized for its protective qualities. People use the Devil’s Shoestring to protect themselves from misfortune.

That’s not all it does – Devil’s Shoestring also invites luck and new employment opportunities, repelling evil influences and negative people from your life.

This one can also help you against accidental poisoning, so we suggest carrying it in your wallet or handbag in case of emergencies.

5. High John The Conqueror

Best Herbs that Attract Money 5

Botanical Name: Ipomoea jalapa

High John is another herb that has strong associations with many things like love, success, happiness, and, most importantly – money. However, it’s a toxic plant and should be kept out of reach from children and pets. Don’t ingest it yourself, either.

High John is believed to provide protection from curses, and people use it to create oils, incense, conjure bags, and sachets so they can use it for their protection and attract wealth.

Tip: If you want to grow these herbs for prosperity, grow them in sandy loam soil with good drainage.

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6. Basil


Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum

Did you know that Basil is known as the Witches’ herb? Perhaps you know it as Sweet Basil or Holy Basil? This is not without reason.

Basil is rooted deep in spiritual traditions, particularly in Hinduism. The herb is said to channel the fiery energy of Mars and the fire element, and people use it to attract wealth, harmony, and love.

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7. RosemaryBest Herbs that Attract Money 7

Botanical Name: Rosemarinus officinalis

Rosemary has an uplifting fragrance and invites money and prosperity just like other herbs for money. Ancient Romans and Greeks used it for love and protection, and this is also a part of Feng Shui – as it attracts positive energies.

So plant Rosemary if you wish to attract money and financial abundance.

8. Ginger

Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale

Ginger has been a part of many traditional rituals and folklore as it attracts money and vitality. People say that carrying a ginger root or even powdered ginger in your pocket makes finances come your way.

With such a rich background and uses for money, ginger can help you find financial stability.

9. Fenugreek

Best Herbs that Attract Money 9

Botanical Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum

People refer to Fenugreek as “herbs for luck.” Fenugreek was used in ancient Egypt and India for wealth and prosperity. It was offered to deities in rituals for the same.

Even Western beliefs convey that carrying Fenugreek seeds in your pocket brings you money and luck.

10. Nutmeg


Botanical Name: Myristica fragrans Houtt

You might have been using Nutmeg for its rich aroma in your dishes, but also attracts money. It has a warm, inviting scent that is said to bring finances into your life.

There are many simple ways of using this, too – you can carry it in your pocket or purse, grind and sprinkle it in your home, or burn Nutmeg incense.

11. Cinnamon

Best Herbs that Attract Money 11

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum verum

Cinnamon has a sweet and spicy scent that is linked to positive feelings of comfort and growth. People believe that blowing Cinnamon powder at the front door invites positive energies and abundance.

You can also keep a cinnamon stick in your pocket to attract wealth with these herbs for success.

12. Clove

Botanical Name: Syzygium aromaticum

Clove is a valuable spice famous for its warm and spicy aroma, which actively attracts financial prosperity. The invigorating scent of this herb to attract money is thought to stimulate success and attract abundance, rendering it an invaluable component in money-drawing rituals and charms.

Note: There is a belief that offering two clove pods with red roses to Goddess Lakshmi can invite prosperity and money.

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