24 Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves

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Imagine the charm of weathered wood, rusty metal, and forgotten treasures given new life as homes for lush greenery.

Meet 33 Cool DIY Antique and Vintage Plant Stand Ideas

1. Tall Antique Dresser for Plants

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 1

What better way to repurpose an old dresser into a beautiful plant shelf with plenty of space for pots and supplies?

2. DIY Plant Shelf from a Vintage Chair

Spruce up any corner of your home with these vintage stools turned into plant shelves. Here’s the DIY to complete this idea.

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3. Suitcases Turned to Wall Shelves

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 3

Suitcases allow you to do more than travel in style! Hang these on the walls using nails or hooks, and you’ll have a magnificent wall shelf display like no other.

4. Outdoor Plant Shelves from Wooden Doors

DecoArt LLC

A few wooden planks and a bit of paint can turn a vintage door into a stunning lawn centerpiece for you to keep your pots and tools. Learn how to make it here.

5. Plant Shelves from an Old Piano

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 5

A vintage piano doesn’t have to sit still. Bring it new life by turning it into an outdoor plant shelf for vibrant leaves and beautiful flowers. You can even throw in a couple of gargoyle statues.

6. Wooden Crate Plant Shelves


Wanna know how to create plant shelves in just 5 minutes or even less? Stack some old wooden crates and adorn these with planters.

7. Repurposed Vintage Wooden Drawer

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 7

Vintage wooden drawers hold more than just memories! With plenty of space both inside and at the top, they turn into some of the best plant shelves.

8. Plant Shelf from Vintage Television


Why not adorn your home with a vintage television that displays plants all the time? Just remove the screen, and you’ll have a wide space for a small indoor garden. Don’t forget to use its top as a shelf.

9. Sewing Machine Plant Shelf Outdoors

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 9

You can sell the sewing machine, but do not part with its table if you want a rustic plant shelf that’ll make everyone ask the story behind it. It also has space for your gardening boots!

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10. Vintage Dresser Stand for Plants


Never underestimate what an old minimal dresser can be repurposed into. This beautiful plant shelf made out of one will prove you wrong. Learn how to make it here.

11. Step Stool turned Vintage Plant Shelf

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 11

You don’t need to do much when turning a beautiful step stool into a tiered plant shelf for indoors. Just pick out a plant and adorn it with your favorite pots. Read more about it here.

12. Cat Tree Repurposed as Plant Shelves


Who said cat trees are only for cats? Adorned with plants and some art on the shelves, it becomes a stunning indoor centerpiece. Here’s more about it.

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13. Tiered Stand turned Vintage Plant Shelf

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 13

Don’t throw away old metal stands! Your plants would grab everyone’s attention if placed on such magnificent, withering beauty.

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14. Old Décor as Modern Shelf Idea


With a shining white paint job and a metal extension for vines, this vintage step stool certainly looks like a modern ikea find. Check it out here.

15. Metal Rack for Plants

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 15
Gershwin & Gertie

This metal rack repurposed into plant shelves for brilliant beauties will add a rustic allure to your garden or driveway while organizing your potted plants.

16. Tiered Kitchen Stand Repurposed as Plant Shelves

Still looking for an idea for mini pots or plants? Just pick up a kitchen stand and repurpose it into a tabletop plant shelf like this idea.

17. Iron Cage Plant Shelf Idea

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 17

Another beautiful repurposed plant shelf idea from an old cage with a stand. The dull silver complements the pots and the green background perfectly.

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18. Rustic Cake Stand for Planters

Need plant shelves that won’t choke your plant pots together? All you need is an old cake stand like this one.

19. Garage Sale Vintage Plant Stand

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 19

Garage sale treasures like this metal stand and dresser can easily be repurposed into beautiful plant shelves. You can make them work together by choosing a monochrome paint job. More on it here.

20. Television Terrarium and Plant Shelf


Old television sets are so much more than antique pieces. If you’ve been looking for a way to display your plants in style with repurposed items, this is the way to go.

21. Plant Stand With Tin Ceiling Tiles

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 21

Repurposing tin ceiling tiles and metal dressers into plant shelves might be easier said than done. But it surely is an idea worth trying.

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22. Rusted Metal Rack for Plants

Turn rust into a beauty with this repurposed metal plant shelf idea. It has a large space for plants and garden supplies, making it perfect for the outdoors.

23. Plant Shelves from an Old Tiered Metal Bench

Vintage Items Repurposed as Plant Shelves 23

What better way to repurpose an old metal bench and turn it into a tiered plant shelf so you can display your pots with flair?

24. Vintage White Corner Table Turned Outdoor Plant Shelf

Don’t throw away that drawing room corner table. Instead, turn it into a beautiful outdoor plant shelf that’ll make your garden the neighborhood’s envy.

From old televisions to repurposed dressers, these creative ideas are fun and bring together old memories and nature. Ready to give these a try? Get creative and transform your space with these cool vintage items repurposed as plant shelves!

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