24 DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can Ideas

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Want to save your money while being creative at the same time? Try one of these DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can Ideas!

Tired of the same old generic watering cans? Our collection of DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can Ideas with tutorials will help you be more creative!

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DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can Ideas

1. Foldable Indoor Plant Watering Can

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 1

Here’s how to craft a portable and space-saving watering can that is perfect for on-the-go gardeners or those with limited storage space.

2. Plastic Jug Watering Can

Reduce plastic waste by crafting this watering can for both outdoor and indoor plants. Tutorial here!

3. Recycled Watering Can

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 3

Complete this project in under an hour using recycled household items and spare scraps. Here’s the DIY.

DIY Watering Can For Container Gardeners

4. Mason Jar Indoor Plant Watering Can

Poke 1-2 holes on the cap of a mason jar and you have a little watering can of your own in 5 minutes!

5. Plastic Bottle Watering Can

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 5

Small and effective – this is great for potted plants indoors. Tutorial here.

6. Shake-n-Pour Container Can DIY

Take any Shake-n-pour container from the kitchen and upcycle it into a watering can for your indoor plants. Here’s the DIY.

7. PVC Pipe and Bottle Container

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 7

With a PVC pipe and a plastic bottle, you, too, can create this functional can. Check out the tutorial here.

8. 3D Indoor Plant Watering Can

Go with this quick and simple DIY by designing your own high-tech 3D printable watering can.

9. DIY Watering Jug

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 9

This simple DIY tutorial guides you in making your very own watering jugs using containers you already have right at home.

10. Upcycled Watering Can

Upcycling enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Here’s how to turn empty bottles and stickers into a unique option to water plants!

11. Cute Miniature Watering Can

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 11

This DIY project guides you through creating an adorable miniature watering can that’s both functional and charming.

12. Indoor Plant Watering Can Made From Milk Jug

Transform a humble plastic milk bottle into a versatile watering can with just a few simple steps. Here’s the DIY.

13. Tin Candy Container

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 13

Have an old tin can? Hammer a few holes on the top, fill it with water, and voila! You have a watering can ready!

14. Indoor Garden Water Can

Old items like an oil can, PVC pipe, plastic bottle, and glue are all you need! Watch the instructional video here!

15. Thumb Controlled Indoor Plant Watering Can for Seedlings

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 15

Repurpose small plastic containers or jugs into a nifty tool for watering seedlings. Find all the details right here.

16. Soda Bottle Indoor Plant Watering Can

Craft a handy watering can from a used Coke bottle with this DIY. It’s an easy, budget-friendly option.

17. Eco-Friendly Watering Cans

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 17

This project not only saves you money but also helps reduce plastic waste, making it a win-win for both your garden and the planet. Visit here for the steps.

18. Painted Indoor Plant Watering Can for Seedlings

Get ready for a creative and fun activity with this kid-friendly project that allows children to unleash their talents while customizing their own watering cans. Here’s the DIY tutorial.

19. Tide Bottle Indoor Plant Watering Can

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 19

Wide-mouthed plastic bottles like Tide can do wonders as watering cans. Check out how to do it yourself here!

20. One-Gallon Wonder

Craft a versatile watering can using a one-gallon plastic bottle, a small piece of copper pipe, universal glue, a cutter, some spray paint, and tape. This DIY will help you out.

21. Cheap Indoor Plant Watering Can

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 21

All you need is a pop soda or beer can, plastic spoons, drinking straws, and a piece of stiff wire to create this DIY water can.

22. Watering Can with a Detergent Container

Recycle an old laundry detergent container into a fantastic watering can for your cherished container garden. DIY here.

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23. Glass Jar with Handle

DIY Indoor Plant Watering Can 23

Gather an old jar, a trusty drill, some sturdy leather lace, and heavy-duty super glue, and you’re ready to craft this delightful watering jar.

24. Vintage Indoor Plant Watering Can

Want something vintage and antique? Follow this DIY to create a rustic one for the garden!

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