How to Control Invasive Plants

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Learn How to Control Invasive Plants in the garden in this short article in five simple steps.

How to control invasive plants

Invasive plants are notorious for their habit of taking over the whole place where they grow and often the gardeners begin to tag them as weeds. However, not every invasive plant is weed. Plants like mint, borage and lemon grass (in their native conditions) grow like that. Such plants have culinary, medicinal or ornamental uses, yet many gardeners avoid growing them because they take over aggressively.

But invasive plants can easily be stopped by confining their roots using a strong barrier. Although this method works only for plants that propagate from division. Plants that propagate from seeds can still multiply and only be stopped by regular deadheading.

Here’s a quick and easy way to grow invasive plants using broken pots without letting them spread in your garden.

broken pot to control invasive plants

How to Control Invasive Plant in the Garden

1. For this, you’ll need a pot. You can use a broken or cheap one too after all you are going to bury it in the ground. Choose a pot in a diameter according to how much you want that plant to spread. Use a broken pot that can be arranged together. Just stick the broken pieces with strong adhesive.

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2. Make a one inch hole in the bottom of the pot to allow the roots to grow deep and to provide drainage.

3. Select the spot where you want to grow it and dig up the ground to make a hole that is 3 inch shallower and 3 inch wider than your pot.

4. Insert the pot carefully in the hole.

5. Plant the invasive plant in that pot in a regular way.

Your invasive planter is ready to contain invasive plant, you can grow any plant cheerfully in it, though you will need to look after it to avoid invasion.

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