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With these nicest Balcony Garden Ideas in this post, you can make your balcony the best outdoor space in your home!

If you don’t have a backyard, your balcony can be the best place to unwind yourself and have the best leisure time. With some plants and accessories, you can make it more appealing and relaxing. To inspire you, we’re sharing the nicest Balcony Garden Ideas below!

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Nicest Balcony Garden Ideas

1. Build a Vertical Balcony Garden

This DIY post will teach you how to build a vertical garden on your balcony from scratch. Check out more vertical garden ideas here.

2. How to Build a Small Urban Garden

Whether you’ve got a small patio or balcony, this informative post will teach you how to set up a garden in a limited space.

3. DIY Balcony Table

Utilize the corner of your balcony to build this floating table and create a desirable leisure spot. The DIY is here!

4. Japanese Balcony Garden

Want a secluded corner to sit peacefully in your free time? Build a Japanese Style Balcony Garden.

5. Make a Squirrel Proof Balcony Garden

Squirrels happen to be the cutest creatures ever until they start damaging your plants. If you don’t want the squirrels to visit your balcony garden often, take the help of this DIY to repel them.

6. Balcony Ladder Planter

Looking for vertical garden ideas for balconies that have amazing planters? This video tutorial will teach how to make a ladder planter for a balcony, rooftop, or patio garden. For more DIY ladder ideas, click here.

7. Water Feature in a Balcony

Adding a water feature to your high-rise balcony like this will make it look peaceful and serene.

8. All New Balcony Garden

If you’re a balcony gardener and wish to alter your mini balcony, check out this exciting transformation here.

9. Apartment Balcony With Container Water Garden

You can have a beautiful container water garden on your balcony or patio with one of the most amazing apartment balcony garden ideas. Check out more ideas here.

10. Balcony Vertical Succulent Tower

You can arrange pots like this to grow succulents or any other plants on your balcony, creating a space-saving yet picturesque container garden.

11. Easy and Stylish Small Balcony

This balcony garden uses vertical space aptly, saving you the extra space to create a sweet spot for yourself.

12. Small Space Vegetable Garden

How many vegetables can you grow on a balcony or deck? This image is the answer if you’re looking for balcony vegetable garden ideas! Find out vegetable garden ideas here.

13. Build a Balcony Jungle

If you prefer greenery, design a balcony with a jungle-like appearance and lush plants that can create privacy.

14. Have a Lot of Hanging Baskets

You can have many hanging basket planters in your balcony garden like this and still save a spot for yourself to sit.

15. Charming Balcony Garden

Opt for deck tiles or real wooden flooring on your balcony. Adding gravel and stepping stones can add a more natural touch.

16. Hanging Fence Balcony Planter

A hanging herb garden like this can allow you to grow your favorite culinary herbs and create an apartment herb garden balcony.

17. String Lights in a Balcony

Here is another idea for setting up a small balcony garden with palms, ferns, and accessories. To make it even more perfect, add a glimmer of light.

18. Balcony Wall Garden

A small patio with storage and a walled garden like this make a nice space for a small, cozy family conclave.

19. Patio Balcony Garden

An arrangement like this can complement both a patio and a large balcony. Use laid-back chairs and tables to relax with your loved ones.

20. If You Love the Color BLUE

If blue is what you love, then go for one of the blue-est ideas and create a similar one for you.

21. Organic Veggies in Balcony

What is better than growing your veggies organically and having this enchanting and colorful balcony garden?

22. Wooden Staircase Vertical Garden

Combining wood and green is a match, and incorporating both will give your balcony garden a natural vibe.

23. Balcony Gutter Pipe Railing Planter

All you need is a gutter pipe, some anchors, and flowering plants, and you can create this beautiful garden idea. You can also choose a big PVC pipe and turn it into a balcony PVC pipe garden idea.

24. Bird Cage Balcony Garden Idea


Do you wish to make a garden that is distinct from others? Birdcage can be used to create a unique and decorative balcony garden. It gives your garden a quirky look.

25. Balcony With a Greenhouse

A balcony with a greenhouse is a nice idea. Check out more mini-greenhouse projects here!

26. Modern Balcony Garden

Make your balcony or rooftop an entertaining place for your friends and family.

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27. Balcony Living Wall

A space-saving sidewall living garden could be a great idea.

28. Hammock Balcony

Adding a hammock chair or swing can make your balcony more entertaining. Also, check out these DIY Hammock Ideas for inspiration.

29. Bamboo Fence Balcony Garden

Are you in love with bamboo? Why not assimilate it into your balcony and create a balcony garden with this idea?

30. Balcony Herbs Tower

Growing a tower garden will not only be a great space-saving idea but also give a chic look to your balcony. Check out more herb tower garden ideas for inspiration!

31. Modern Balcony Garden with Shed

If a balcony like this is not a place for some cozy family time, then what is? Add some funky furniture and greens to your balcony, and you are good to go.

32. Succulent Balcony Garden


This balcony garden is crowded with plants yet admirable. Just add a glass door, and you’ll have an amazing small balcony garden with an artificial glass door so you can enjoy your planters.

 33. Hanging Coconut Shell Planters

Recycling is a good thing, and it’s possible anywhere.This image is an example! Using water bottles and coconut shells as planters, you can create a frugal balcony garden.

34. Balcony Lawn


Want to enjoy a balcony lawn in your apartment? Go for synthetic grass.

35. Colorful Balcony Garden

This limited-space garden doesn’t look less than a real cottage garden. Imitate this idea on your balcony. Learn the most important aspects of designing a container garden here!

36. Balcony Rose Garden


Trust us; this beautiful garden can be yours. Here is how you can create this balcony rose garden.

37. Topiary Balcony

Build this topiary garden by learning the art of topiary or buying a collection of some fake topiary trees.

38. Balcony Study Room

Your balcony could be the most comfortable spot for summertime reading.

39. Apartment Vegetable Garden

Transforming your ordinary balcony into a productive vegetable garden is possible if it receives full sun.

40. Hanging Planters for Balcony

Use pockets, bags, and pouches to plant plants and hang them on your balcony railing to share your creativity with the world.

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41. Balcony Swing

You can add a swing as well on your balcony if it has some space along with your favorite plants.

42. Assortment Succulent Wall

You can imitate the design of this restaurant on your balcony. With faux plants or real ones, this is a unique idea.

43. Succulents Balcony Frame

When making a modern balcony garden, adding a vertical wall is a must. Also, avoid filling the space too much with plants.

44. Balcony Railing Planter

A plant holder like this gives an option for placing your plant pots vertically on the railing.

45. Artificial Grass Turf Balcony

The top view is of a beautiful balcony garden spruced up with artificial grass. Check out more amazing flooring ideas here.

46. Balcony With a View

Choosing the right furniture is key to creating a balcony garden. Learn how to select the best furniture for the balcony here.

47. DIY Hanging Planters

Try making these DIY hanging planters for your balcony. It’s easy and aesthetic.

48. Modern Balcony Garden

Add lots of pebbles and bamboo to give an idyllic touch to your balcony garden—a great idea for a shady space.

49. Finest Balcony Decor


A shade or canopy will be a good idea for your balcony if it’s open. Also, add some pretty planters to add to the finesse of the balcony and add a touch of uniqueness.

50. Ikea Balcony Garden With Flowers


A piece of fine furniture is all you need to create this fantastic urban-style balcony.

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51. A Backyard Balcony Garden With Hanging Plants

Got some extra bags lying around? Recreate this hanging bag planter idea for your balcony garden.

52. Romantic Balcony

Got a mini balcony? You can recreate this romantic balcony idea and surprise your partner!

53. Glass Railing Balcony With Large Planters

Redo your balcony with large planters and glass railing, and it will give your balcony an elegant and classy look.

54. Backyard Balcony Wall Marble Seating and Plants                                                                                                                                           

Give a traditional touch to your balcony with this fresh and colorful balcony garden idea.

55. Mini Jungle Balcony Garden

Create this really cool, composed, and cozy corner in the house with a combination of various kinds of plants and planters.

56. Succulents in Balcony With Trailing Vines


You can create this balcony garden with vines and creepers for railing, along with other succulents. This will create a bohemian look for your balcony.

57. Pots in Long Balcony Passage

Do you have a narrow balcony and still wish for a balcony garden? Choose plants and planters wisely, just like this image above, and arrange them in the same pattern.

58. Mini Apartment Balcony With a Bamboo Fountain

Give a rural touch to your balcony with this rustic-style furniture and planter idea for your balcony garden.

59. Urban Balcony With Snake Plants

Snake plants are known for their air-purifying abilities, and their striking green foliage gives an elegant look to your balcony. Besides, they are effortless to maintain.

60. Patio With Wooden Flooring and Plants

If you have a small patio outside your house and want to refurbish it, this patio garden idea is for you.

61. Terrace Balcony With Lavender in Pots

Add lavenders to your balcony and patio garden, and make it everyone’s favorite spot in the house taking inspiration this idea in the picture.

62. Fresh Herbs in Balcony

Growing aromatic herbs on your balcony can be used for culinary purposes. It’ll also create a beautiful green and fragrant aura around your balcony.

63. Japanese Style Balcony Garden

Create a Japanese-styled balcony garden with plants, rubbles, and big stones like the picture here! For more ideas on the Japanese balcony garden, click here.

64. Zen Balcony Garden

A beautiful arrangement of lots of white pebbles and plants in pots can be made to create a miniature zen balcony garden for yourself.

65. Hanging Herbs Planter

You can recreate this hanging balcony garden just by attaching your planters to the fence in your gallery and enjoy the herbs as well.

66. Upside Down Tomatoes in Balcony

Grow tomatoes upside down on your balcony and keep them hydrated for a longer time. Here is how you can do it.

67. Drought Tolerant Succulents in Balcony


Collect some drought-resistant plants for your balcony garden, as they can survive in bright and direct sunlight. it’ll save you the need to water them every day.

68. Balcony Wooden Wall Planters from Pallets

Using wooden planks, you can create a side wall planter for your balcony that’ll take up less space. Read the details here.

69. Apartment Balcony Succulent and Cacti Garden

You can plant your favorite succulents and cacti in the balcony garden using a metallic stand and window boxes. Do not forget to add a plastic flamingo too!

70. Minimalistic Balcony Garden

This simple yet functional balcony garden is the easiest way to convert your balcony into a cozy little green space. Watch the video for more details.

71. Wooden Plant Stands with White Planters

Look no further than this simplistic yet alluring wooden plant stand adorned with white planters.

Watch this video for more information

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